Procedure for Applying the Passport

There are three ways for applying the passport.

  1. Apply for passport in Person
  2. Apply for Passport Through e-form Submission
  3. Apply for Passport Through Online Form Submission

Apply for Passport in Person

To apply for the reissue or fresh issue of passport in person, you need to visit the official website of Passport Seva To download the application form, the next step is to click on the “Print Application Form” link. You require to print the downloaded form on the standard A4 size papers back to back.

  • For reissue of or fresh passport, you can also buy a form for Rs. 10/- from DPC (District Passport Cell).
  • Submit the self-attested photocopies of the supporting documents such as Proof of nationality, Proof of residence, Identity proof with photograph, Proof of Date of Birth and filled application form at DPC (District Passport Cell) counter.
  • At the DPC counter, officials will verify the supporting documents, photographs and application form. After successful verification, you need to pay the requisite fees in the form of a demand draft.
  • The demand draft should contain the Date of Birth, Applicant Name, and Date of Submission, written beyond the demand draft.
  • Use the online fee calculator for calculating the fees of passport services.
  • After submission of fees, collect the acknowledgement letter. It contains a file number. You can use the file number for tracking the status of the file.

Apply for Passport Through e-Form Submission

  • First, you need to register on the Passport Seva website for fresh passport.
  • Login to the Passport Seva Website after the registration. After that, download the e-form for fresh passport.
  • Fill the e-form and click on the save and validate button. This will create an XML file. It will be required later for uploading in the computer.
  • Via the uploaded e-form, upload the XML file. At this stage, don’t upload the PDF form, because the system only accepts the XML file.
  • To schedule an appointment at the Passport Seva Kendra, you need to click on the “Pay and Schedule Appointment” link for uploading the form for the fresh or reissue of passport.
  • Look for the Passport Seva Kendra location and choose your PSK.
  • You can make payment online via SBI bank challan, Internet Banking (SBI and Associate Banks only), Credit/Debit Card (Visa & Master Card), after booking the appointment at chosen PSK.
  • Use the online fee calculator to calculate the fee for passport services.
  • You can now take the printout of the receipt of application containing Appointment Number and Application Reference Number (ARN).
  • You need to go to the PSK (Passport Seva Kendra), for which you booked appointment, along with original documents like Proof of Nationality, Proof of Residence, Identity proof with photograph, and Proof of Date of Birth.

Apply for Passport Through Online Form Submission

Step 1: By Login

  • You will find a section called “Apply”, on the homepage of the website.
  • Login with your User id and password, if you’re an existing user.
  • To access the website properly, the first-time users have to create an account or register for generating the user id and password.
  • Below the new user, click on the “register now”.
  • To fill the identifying details, you will be directed towards the user registration page. Those fields which are marked with an asterix, are essential.
  • In the first field, you need to select where you are registering at. For example, the CPV Delhi, or the passport office. (CPV is used for application of official/diplomatic passports. These passports can be applied via the appropriate PSK).
  • Based upon the address of your current residence, the passport office appropriate to you. (for identity certificate, Tibetan refugees, will have to select ‘Delhi passport office)
  • Email ID and Date of Birth fields related to your name (up to thirty-five characters).
  • You can select your login id to be similar as your email ID.
  • Enter your password and verify it.
  • Provide a question hint and answer. (you will be asked to enter this question, if you unable to remember your login details)
  • The final step is to enter the displayed code. After that press the “Register” button at the right bottom corner of the page.

Step 2: Selecting Type of Application

To properly access the passport website, you need to logged in. it will direct you to the “Home” page of the applicant. Here you can select the appropriate option to apply for the:

  • Fresh Passport / Passport Reissue
  • Official passport / Diplomatic passport
  • Identity Certificate
  • PCC (Police Clearance Certificate)

To see those applications, which have been submitted and saved, this page also contains a link. After submitting the application form, you can return to this page to see it.

On the home page of the applicant you need to click on the “Apply for fresh / reissue of passport”, the next step is to properly fill up the application form.

Step 3: Fill Application Form

The application form can be filled by two methods, i.e. online or offline.


  • Without downloading or uploading the passport application, you can fill it online.
  • It will redirect you to the page “Passport Type”, where you need to select the appropriate option from the options given below.
  • Reissue or Fresh
  • Tatkal or Normal
  • Booklet of 60 pages or 36 pages
  • Validity of 18 years or up to 10 years of age or Not Applicable – Select Not Applicable, if you are an applicant over eighteen years. Select 18 or 10 years if the applicant is between 15 to 18.
  • At the right bottom corner, click on the “Next” icon.
  • It will take you to the next pages. Here you need to filled various sections of the application. In the left navigation bar, these sections are at the left-hand size of the page. The sections are:
  • Self-declaration, Other Details, Previous Passport, References, Emergency Contact, Present Address 2, Present Address 1, Present Address, Family Details, Applicant Details, and Passport Type.
  • Submit completely filled form.

Note: You need to fill complete and genuine details in your application form. Your internet speed must be greater than 512 kbps. While filling the form, you need to stay connected to the internet.


You require to fill the form offline and after completion, you need to submit it.

If you select the option to fill the form offline, click on the link given to download the soft copy of the form. (Adobe Acrobat Reader v 9.0 or more is required.)

It will redirect you to the page “Download e-Form”. Here for each of the following, a link to an e-form is provided.

  • Fresh/Reissue
  • Identity Certificate
  • Official/Diplomatic
  • Police Clearance Certificate
  • To download or open the e-form, click on the relevant link.
  • Fill the E-form application
  • Next, click at the link “Upload e-Form”, and submit/upload the filled application.

(This is a faster way to fill the application form and don’t need the internet connection).

Step 4: Book, Pay and Schedule the Appointment

  • To visit the Passport Seva Kendra, you have to schedule an appointment. Here you need to be present. You can find the PSK of your area on the website.
  • Visit the home page of the applicant, and click on “Saved View/Submitted Applications”.
  • It will show a page. It contains the details relating to the application form, which you submitted earlier. In tabular form, it displays the Submission No., Appointment Date, Applicant Name, File No., and ARN.
  • Choose the ARN of the filled form.

Under the table, there are multiple options i.e.

  • Appointment History
  • Upload Supporting Documents
  • Payment Receipt
  • Track Payment Status
  • Track Application Status
  • View/Print Submitted Form
  • Print Application Receipt
  • Pay and Schedule Appointment
  • Retrieve Partially Filled Form
  • Next, click at “Pay and Schedule Appointment”.
  • This will begin the process of payment. It starts with “Choosing your date of appointment”. You can select from two methods of payment, i.e.
  • Challan Payment – This is for the payment in person, i.e. paying cash at PSK when going as walk-in and paying cash at an SBI branch.
  • Online Payment – This is for payments through card i.e., Credit or Debit Card (SBI or others) or Payments through Internet Banking (SBI).

Note – For booking appointments at all PSKs, it is necessary to make online payments. Passport fee for booking the tatkal appointment is similar to the normal appointments. After the confirmation of the appointment successfully, the tatkal passport fee balance will be paid in cash at the PSK.

  • After the payment, the next step is to book the appointment for passport.
  • If you select to pay online, you can book the appointment immediately.
  • If you select to pay via challan/cash
  • Take the challan given to an SBI branch and pay the necessary amount via cash. You can do this after three hours of challan generation.
  • After generation, the challan is valid for eighty-five days.
  • From the receiving bank personnel, collect the challan copy.
  • On the given challan, the banks need two days to confirm the ARN details.
  • Post verification, successful payment will be displayed on the website. After that you can track the status of the payment.
  • After successful payment, either cash or via online, you can “Schedule the appointment”.
  • At the appropriate Regional Passport Office, you will find the available date of appointment for PSKs.
  • It also displays the ARN (Application Reference Number).
  • Choose a PSK based on date available.
  • Enter the code displayed and at the right bottom corner, click on the “Next” icon.
  • For tatkal passport application, select the tatkal appointment quota. For regular applications, choose the normal appointment quota.
  • Then, you will have to “Pay and Book the Appointment”.
  • All the information relating to your application, will be displayed on this page. This includes date of appointment, your contact number, the amount to be paid, what you’re applying for, your name, and your Application Reference Number (ARN).
  • You need to make sure that all the details you provided are correct. Click at the right bottom corner for appointment booking and payment.
  • Use the fee calculator tool to calculate the total fee payable on your application. This can be found in the left navigation bar of the website.

Note- fee is not charged for Diplomatic/Official Passports Applications

  • It will take you to the SBI Multi Option System (MOPS) gateway.
  • Select the method of payment. Card payment or Net Banking
  • If the payment system does not work properly, then you can try after some time.
  • In case, there is an error in the system, where you charged for the passport fee, but your online payment is not processed successfully.
  • Visit the home page of the Applicant.
  • Then click at “Track Payment Status”.

Here, you will easily check the status of payment. If it is processed successfully, then your appointment is confirmed. If it is not processed successfully, then it will show a failed payment. In that case the charged amount will be refunded to you within seven days. Otherwise, you require to contact the customer care.

Note – There is no any refund after the payment is done.

  • After payment is successful, you will get an appointment number and confirmation of appointment.
  • The page will show information related to the appointment, i.e. time, passport application, your passport application appointment date, the selected PSK, the appointment quota, i.e. Tatkal or normal, what you’ve applied for, date of birth, name, and Application Reference Number etc.
  • At the right bottom corner, click on “Print Application Receipt”.

Step 5: Print Application Receipt Number

  • The Print Application Receipt page provides information related to your application.
  • Applicant Details: current address, father’s name, employment type, marital status, gender, date of birth, place, name, application type and ARN.
  • Applicants References: Second Reference Details, First Reference Details (Alphabetic codes).
  • Passport Payment Details: payment transaction id, Time of Payment, Date, Fee Paid, Total Fee.
  • Passport Appointment Details: reporting time, Appointment ID, time and date of passport appointment, location of the PSK and its address.
  • Review the details and at the right bottom corner, click on “Print Application Receipt”.
  • Displaying “Passport Application Receipt” is the last step of this process. This is the proof of finishing of passport online application procedure.
  • The receipt contains the appointment details, payment details, application references and applicant details.
  • It also contains the tabular representation of the Reporting Time, Sequence and Batch No. PSK called the applicants in batches, appointment is made in a sequence.
  • There are two types of barcodes. One each at the bottom and top right corners.
  • You need to carry all of your important documents to PSK. One set of original documents and 1 set of self-attested photocopies of the original documents. The photocopies of minor can be attested by their parents. Also, your photograph is to be clicked at the PSK. Therefore, there is no any requirement to carry the photographs. Minors less than four years of age will require to carry a latest photograph. 4.5 X 3.5 cms in size, color with white background.
  • Before the reporting time, you need to present at the PSK. You will also get a token for it. Before issue of tokens, your documents will be checked. You will not be given a token, if you arrive after the time of reporting.
  • To enter the PSK for the appointment, applicants need to come alone. Except in minor’s case. Illiterate persons, senior citizens and handicapped persons can come with a family number.
  • Harmful objects or substances and electronic items such as cameras are not allowed in the PSKs.
  • Once the payment made, it is not refunded at any cost.
  • By clicking the icon at the bottom of the page, you can windup the process by “Printing the Application Receipt”.

Note – When you go to the PSK for appointment, you need to carry the Application receipt. If you are not able to attend the appointment, then cancel or reschedule your appointment for passport as early as possible.

  • The fee is not refunded if the appointment is not scheduled or cancelled. The amount you paid for the original/cancelled appointment cannot be transferred to start a new appointment. It will require fresh payment.
  • If various payments are made for the same application/ARN/appointment, the extra payment will be refunded by the RPO.
  • You can reschedule the appointment for passport two times in a year, i.e. from the original appointment date.
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