Excise Tax Registration

The excise tax is a type of indirect tax and it is levied on a specific good sale. The individual consumer does not require to pay this tax directly. The IRS (internal revenue service) charges this tax on the merchant or the producer who include this tax in the price of the product and pass this tax to the consumer. It also known as taxation penalty for transactions not eligible in the accounts of the retirement.

It is a tax, or inland tax on the production or the sale of specific goods or on a good manufactured for sold or sale within a licenses or country for certain activities. Excise is totally distinguished from customs duties. The custom duties are import duties. Excise are mainly levied apart from other indirect tax like VAT (value added tax) or sales tax.

Documents needed in respect of director/partner/proprietor

Resolution of board in authorized signatory favor

Voter identity card or Aadhar card copy

Copy of PAN card

Photograph passport size

Documents needed in respect of entity

Mobile bill/telephone/water/electricity bill of business place

Partnership deed copy

Articles of Association/Memorandum of Association of company

Premises ground plan

Copy of company/firm PAN card

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation

Document Preparation

Application Drafting

Government Fees

Excise Tax registration features

  • In the similar form, it is charged in whole India.
  • It is charged on production or manufacture of products in the India.
  • The consumer needs to bear this tax.
  • This tax is charged on value of the duty calculated by needed procedure.
  • This tax is payable during the goods removal time from the removal place.

Frequently Asked Questions

If the manufacturer or producer who is needed to get tax registration does not apply for registration then rupees ten thousand or penalty of contravening goods duty can be charged depends on which is higher. The goods of contravening will confiscate and penalty is imposed. There is also punishment of rigorous imprisonment up to seven years. The minimum punishment is six months duration.
For excise tax registration, there is no need to present in the person.

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