ROC Compliances

All the companies which are incorporated in a country like India need to fulfill the regulations and rules of the government. A private company after the incorporation needs to fulfill different provisions and laws according to the Companies Act 2013 and many provisions which are formed under this act.

ROC (Registrar of Companies) is the authority designated which manages the Companies Act 2013 administration and it comes under the purview of Ministry of Corporate Affairs. According to the Companies Act 2013, those companies which are incorporated beneath this act have file compulsorily different documents, returns and forms in electronic mode with the ROC (Registrar of Companies).

To ignore fines and penalties, it is essential to fulfill all the agreements which are applicable to your organization.

Documents needed to file Compliance of ROC

Incorporation Certificate

Articles of Association/Memorandum of Association of a company

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation

Document Preparation

Application Drafting

Government Fees

Events based filing of Compliance

  • When there is modification in the company paid-up capital.
  • In each financial year, during the board of directors first meeting, a director also shows interest in various entities.
  • When there is company conversion.
  • When the report of the director requires to be filed.
  • When there is modification in the director’s interest.
  • During the appointment of independent director.
  • Appointment of a cost auditor.
  • Appointment of a woman director.
  • When share transfer audit is half-yearly.
  • When there is share capital audit reconciliation.
  • When a pattern of shareholding needs to be field after every quarter end within twenty-one days.
  • When the report of corporate governance needs to be filed.
  • When there is invitation, transfer, and allotment to shares subscription.
  • When company employees or directors gets shares issued.
  • During the sub-division of shares face value.
  • When there is modification in the board of directors.
  • During the time of managing director appointment.
  • During remuneration payment.
  • When account of the bank is closed or opened. When there is modification in the working or running of the company bank accounts.
  • When the directors make deposits of any type.
  • When purchase or sale is performed relating to the company fixed assets.
  • When any new partnership or venture of business is established.
  • When some modifications are made in the article of association or memorandum of association of the company.
  • During maintenance of board meeting minutes.
  • When there is modification in the registered office location.
  • When a modification or appointment is made related to the company statutory auditors.
  • When shareholders establish an agreement.

For every event, various forms need to be filed. These forms can online file also. These compliances of ROC are performed to ignore any issue in the company’s smooth running. These compliances of ROC assist maintaining of systematic and proper records of various events happened in the company.

Frequently Asked Questions

Compliance means complying regulations, rules and laws of India.
The Ministry of Corporate Affairs and Companies Act 2013 governs law and regulatory authority of India.
Following the corporate compliance helps companies against prosecution and provisions of the panel.
It is essential for all the companies which are incorporated in India to file different documents, returns and forms with the Registrar of Companies.
Under the Companies Act 2013, there are following compliances such as updation of statutory register, director disclosure, annual filing, and drafting of different certifications, notices, minutes and annual return.

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