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What Is FSSAI License and Registration?

FSSAI stands for Food Safety and Standards Authority of India. Applying for food license or FSSAI registration is mandatory before starting any food business. All the Restaurants, traders and manufacturers involved in food business must obtain a 14 digit license or registration number and it should be printed on all food packages.

This innovative step is taken by the government by starting a food licensing & registration system to make sure that every product should undergo certain quality checks to make reduction in the cases of adulteration, substandard products and to improve the accountability of manufacturers.

Types of FSSAI Food Licenses

Food license registration is mandatory for every individual involved in procurement, manufacturing, distribution, processing, packaging and storage of food business. It is essential for each and every food related business to opt for FSSAI food licenses as per their eligibility and get their registration done to save themselves from the penalties and the legal charges imposed by the government. Businesses involved in food activities need to apply for different types of FSSAI food licenses based on turnover, business scale and type of activity. Due to different types of FSSAI licenses, most of the businesses generally get confused about the types of food licenses they’re eligible for. The three license categories differ on the basis of scale of business operations are mentioned below along with their criteria.

There are three types of FSSAI Food Licenses -

  • FSSAI Basic License
  • FSSAI State License
  • FSSAI Central License

Lets discuss Types of FSSAI Licence in detail -

1. FSSAI Basic License

It is mandatory for food business operators such as retailers, marketers, distributors, transporters, storage unit, petty food manufacturers and small sized manufacturers to obtain FSSAI basic license registration. The FSSAI basic registration is applicable on startups or small businesses which are having annual turnover below Rs.12 lakhs. The minimum tenure for this license is 1 year and the maximum tenure is 5 years. This kind of registration can be easily upgraded to state license as your sales graph increases.

FSSAI Basic License Eligibility Criteria

  • Selling of food items by retailers with limited operations.
  • A makeshift stall selling food products.
  • Own manufacturing by petty producers.
  • Association of cottage industries with food products.
  • Business involved in slaughtering of not exceeding 2 large animals or 10 small animals or 50 poultry birds on per day basis.
  • Businesses engaged in selling of food at some social or religious gathering except caterer.
  • Diary units engaged in the business of procurement/handling/collection /chilling of milk having capacity not exceeding 500 litres per day or up to 2.5 metric ton of milk solids annually.
  • Businesses engaged in processing of vegetable oil with the procedure of solvent extraction & refineries. The maximum capacity of vegetable oil produced should not be more than 100 kg/litre per day (except milk or meat).

2. FSSAI State License

The FSSAI state license is applicable on medium sized businesses which are having annual turnover between 12-20 Crore rupees. It is mandatory for every medium sized food businesses such as restaurants, hotels and food manufacturers to obtain state food license from the state authority. The minimum tenure for this license is 1 year and the maximum tenure is 5 years.

FSSAI State License Eligibility Criteria:-

  1. Food business operators such as retailers, wholesalers, distributors, suppliers, food vending establishments, clubs, canteens, restaurant and hotel owners having annual turnover between Rs.12 Lakhs to Rs.20 crores are eligible to apply for FSSAI state license.
  2. Hotels having 4 star rating or less
  3. Proprietary foods
  4. Dairy units (including milk chilling units) with a maximum capacity of handling or processing b/w 500 to 50000 litres per day.
  5. Storage capacity of less than 50000 metric tonnes annually
  6. Businesses engaged in production and processing of vegetable oil with the procedure of solvent extraction & refineries (including oil expeller unit) having turnover between Rs.12 Lakhs – Rs.20 crores annually.
  7. Business having slaughtering capacity of -
    • 2 and maximum 50 large animals per day.
    • Minimum 10 & maximum 150 small animals per day.
    • Minimum 50 & maximum 1000 poultry birds.
  8. All food processing units including re-packers having minimum capacity of 100kg/litre to maximum capacity of 2 metric tonnes per day.

3. FSSAI Central License

It is mandatory for food business operators such as importers, airports, seaports, 100% export oriented units, large manufacturers and the operators in the central government agencies to obtain central food license. It is issued by the central government. The FSSAI central license is applicable on large businesses having annual turnover of more than Rs.20 crore. In case your business is operating in one or more state, you need to obtain the central license for your head office too. This license is also needed when you need to import/export food products or supply the same at the government offices. The minimum tenure for this license is 1 year and the maximum tenure is 5 years.

FSSAI Central License Eligibility Criteria: -

  1. Food business operators such as retailer, suppliers, restaurants, distributors having annual turnover of more than Rs.20 crore are eligible to apply for FSSAI central license.
  2. Businesses engaged in manufacturing & processing of vegetable oil having capacity of over 2 metric tonnes per day by the procedure of solvent extraction & factories (including oil expeller unit)
  3. Hotel having 5 star rating or above
  4. Businesses such as dhaba, canteen, club and other food vending establishments having branches in more than one state & having annual turnover exceeding Rs.12 Lakhs.
  5. Storage capacity of more than 50000 metric tonnes annually
  6. Wholesalers having turnover of less than Rs.30 crores.
  7. Every importer including import of food ingredient or additives.
  8. Involvement of 100% export oriented units in food production or processing.
  9. Caterers working in railways, airlines, defense, seaport, airport under central government or related agencies.
  10. Dairy units (including chilling units) having maximum capacity of handling or processing over 50000 litres per day,
  11. Businesses having slaughtering capacity of minimum 50 large animals or exceeding 150 small animals or exceeding 1000 poultry birds per day,
  12. All food processing units including re-packers excluding pulses, cereals & grains milling units having capacity of over 2 metric tonnes on per day basis.
  13. All food business operator involved in production of any food item, additive or its ingredient with the help of new technology whose safety has not been established yet by FSSAI.

What is FSSAI Registration Fee or Cost?

FSSAI registration cost is the license fee charged by the government from the food business operators. FSSAI registration fee is divided into two –

1. Government expense

Government expense is the application handling fee charged by the government.

FSSAI registration is divided into three different types –

  1. Basic FSSAI license
  2. State FSSAI license
  3. Central FSSAI license

The FSSAI fees for these registrations are mentioned below:

Basic FSSAI License Fees

Annual turnover below 12 lakhs - 100/- per year

Type of application Basic license Fee
New application Rs.100/year
Renewal application Rs.100/year
Modification license Rs.100/year
Duplicate license 10% of the applicable license fee

State FSSAI License Fees

Annual turnover above 12 lakhs and below 20 crores - 2000/- or 3000/- or 5000/- per year

Type of application State license fee
New applicationProduction of above 1 Metric Tons (MT) per day

Milk between 10001 to 50000 litre per day or milk solids between 501 to 2500 Metric Tons (MT) per annum
Below 1 Metric Tons (MT) of production

Milk between 501 to 10000 litre per day or milk solids between 2.5 million tonne to 500 Metric Tons (MT) per annum
Hotels up to 4 star Rs.5000
All food service providers such as clubs, restaurants, boarding houses etc. Serving of food in canteens of schools, colleges, offices institutions, caterer banquet halls along with food catering arrangements, dashboards and other business operators Rs.2000
Renewal license Fees for license renewal depends upon number of years selected
Modification license Fees for license modification is fees for 1 year per license modification
Duplicate license 10% of the applicable license fee

Central FSSAI License Fees

Annual turnover above 20 crores - 7500/- per year

Type of application Central license Fee
New application Rs.7500/year
Renewal application Rs.7500/year
Modification license Rs.7500/year
Duplicate license 10% of the applicable license fee
Note License can be issued/renewed for maximum 5 years

Source: https://foodlicensing.fssai.gov.in/central_fees_structure.html

2. Expert expense

Expert expense is the application set up fee charged by the professionals.

Documents Required for FSSAI Registration

Documentation for FSSAI license totally depends upon the type of license you are applying for. Document varies for each type of license - basic, state and central. You don’t have to go anywhere as the entire process can be done through online. You just have to fill FSSAI registration form along with the required FSSAI license documents in order to submit it online. The documents required for FSSAI registration process for each license are given below -

Document Required for Basic FSSAI license

  • Authority letter
  • Declaration form
  • Copy of property papers (if owned)
  • Rent agreement copy (if rented)
  • Water or electricity bill of a business place
  • Form 10
  • Plan or license of the Food Safety Management System.
  • Identification proof of owner or directors or partners such as Aadhaar Card or Voter ID Card, passport etc.

Document Required for Central FSSAI license

  • Declaration form
  • Turnover proof
  • PA/NOC documents circulated by FSSAI
  • NOC’s from Municipal Corporation or local body (Optional document)
  • E-code document issued by DGFT
  • Form-B signed & completed by the proprietor, partner or authorized signatory
  • Certificate of food safety mgmt. system plan (in case required)
  • Proof of possession of premises – electricity bill, sales deed or rental agreement
  • Copy of co-operatives certificate obtained under co-op-1861 or multi state co-op act 2002.
  • Certificate from Ministry of Tourism (hotel & restaurant approval and classification committee)
  • List, complete address and contact details of proprietor, partner, directors, executive members of society, trust etc. It is mandatory for companies
  • License copy from the manufacturer along with the NOC (compulsory for repackers & relabellers)
  • Review report in relation to chemical and bacteriological water made by verified or public health laboratory in order to verify the portability (required for manufacturing & processing units)
  • List & name of machinery & equipment along with the quantity, installed capacity and horse power applied (Compulsory for production & manufacturing units only)
  • Self-declaration of number of vehicles or documented proof of turnover evidence (mandatory for transporters)

Document Required for State FSSAI license

  • Identification proof (Aadhaar Card or Voter ID card)
  • PAN card
  • Latest passport size photograph
  • Address proof – electricity bill, mobile bill, telephone bill, gas bill etc.
  • Copy of property papers (if owned)
  • Rent agreement copy & NOC from the landlord (if rented)
  • NOCs from municipal corporation or local body
  • MOA/AOA/Partnership deed of the firm
  • NOC from the manufacturer
  • E-code document issued by DGFT
  • Information on source of raw material
  • Form 9 (Nomination of persons by a company)
  • Copy of co-operatives certificate obtained under co-op-1861 or multi state co-op act 2002
  • List of owners, partners & executive members of society along with full address & contact details

Procedure of Getting FSSAI License

You can easily file your FSSAI food license. The Procedure of Getting food safety and standards license takes around 50-60 days for completion. The steps for FSSAI registration to get food license for your business are given below

Step 1: Fill a simple form & pay at your nearest FBO

You need to fill a simple FSSAI licensing registration Form A online and pay at your nearest FBO (Food Licensing & Registration).

Step 2: Filing of declarations & resolutions

When the payment gets confirmed, it will reflect in your FSSAI account. Next, you need to fill form B and submit the same to the government. There are various declarations & resolutions that are necessary to be filed along with your application such as self-declarations by the owner, board resolution etc. It should be prepared by a company secretary.

Step 3: Know your application status

In the third step, you need to follow up with the government department in order to know your application status. Government may send your application back for editing. In case you fail to respond within 15 days, your application will get rejected.

Step 4: Reviewing of license application

In the last and the final step, government will review your application properly and take around 45-60 days in approving the same.

Getting FSSAI Licence with FinacBooks

Significance of FSSAI License Number Format

A 14 digit unique FSSAI license number is assigned to every food business operator and has its own significance. A 14 digit unique FSSAI license number format is a combination of business registration, state code, business enrollment year, quantity of enrolling master and makers permit number.

FSSAI Food License Number Format

For ex – Suppose your FSSAI license 14 digit number is 2 06 14 05 7342011

  1. Number 2 denotes whether the business is registered or not
  2. Number 6 denotes the state code
  3. Number 14 denotes the enrollment year of the business
  4. Number 05 denotes the quantity of enrolling master
  5. Number 7342011 denotes maker’s permit number
Note - Every food package must be marked with a label. A Label should contain FSSAI logo and A License number.

FSSAI License Number Guidelines

  • The 14-digit FSSAI number provides information related to the manufacturer registration details, state code, Business enrollment year, quantity of enrolling master and the permit number.
  • The brand owner needs to display his or her license number and FSSAI logo on every label of food package
  • In case of imported food products, the importer needs to display FSSAI logo and license number along with the name & address of the importer on a sticker. The sticker should be affixed before customer clearance.

Who Needs FSSAI License?

As per food safety standard act, it is mandatory for every business operator engaged in a food business to apply for FSSAI food license/registration. FSSAI registration is necessary for all small, medium and large sized businesses. Individuals engaged in small businesses such as hawkers, petty retailers, small scale manufacturers etc. having annual turnover of less than Rs.12 Lakhs per year must obtain basic license whereas transporters, traders, cabs, canteens, restaurants and hotel owners having annual turnover between 12-20 crore rupees per year must obtain state license. Large manufacturers, retailers, suppliers, restaurants, distributors having annual turnover of more than Rs.20 crores needs to obtain central license from the central authority.

FSSAI certificate is needed by the following food businesses

  • Retailer
  • Wholesaler
  • Supplier
  • Marketer
  • Distributor
  • Transporter
  • Restaurant
  • Club/canteen
  • Dhaba/food catering
  • Storage (cold & refrigerated)
  • Meat processing unit
  • Slaughtering units
  • Vegetable oil processing unit
  • Hotel
  • Dairy units
  • Storage (except controlled atmosphere)
  • Each & every food processing unit including relabellers & repackers

Benefits of Acquiring FSSAI License

There are various benefits a food operator gets after acquiring food safety and standards license. Hence, FSSAI license help food businesses in the following ways –

  1. FSSAI is widely recognized and build a good image of the company or business among the consumers.
  2. FSSAI license provides a platform for all individuals engaged in food businesses to produce good quality food products which can be put in comparison to international food standards.
  3. It enhances the credibility of the business.
  4. It is necessary when you are involved in business of exporting food products to other countries.
  5. FSSAI license emerges as a big change for the company and helps in expansion and growth by influencing the dependability and production of the company.
  6. When FSSAI registration is involved, businesses follow the important issues like hygiene and cleanliness too. It streamlines all the processes starting from manufacturing to distribution to selling of food products at the end.
  7. FSSAI also involved in setting up of guidelines and procedures to maintain quality standards of the accredited labs as per ISO 17025.

FSSAI Rules For Food Business

It is mandatory for all food business operators to follow FSSAI rules. Every food business operator in India need to abide by the following rules mentioned below –

FSSAI license/registration

It is mandatory for every individual engaged in the business of manufacturing, production, processing, packaging, distribution or storage of food to obtain FSSAI registration. After FSSAI registration, it is necessary for every food business to display a true copy of FSSAI license at food premises.

Update FSSAI

It is mandatory for every business operator to inform FSSAI in case of any change or modifications in food business activities.

Note – Business operator can only produce food units which are mentioned in FSSAI license.
Employ a qualified person

Every food business license holder must employ at least one technical person to look after the production process. The person who manages the production process should possess

  1. Degree in science with chemistry or bio chemistry or microbiology or food & nutrition.
  2. Any degree or diploma in food technology or dairy technology or dairy engineering or dairy chemistry or dairy microbiology or oil technology or veterinary science or hotel management.
  3. Any degree or diploma in any other discipline
Filing of annual return

The other FSSAI rule which every food business operator should follow is submission of their annual return by 31st May every year. Half yearly return can also be filed in case you are engaged in the business of handling or collecting or manufacturing of milk and milk products.

Maintain health & hygienic facility

It is mandatory for all food business operators to make sure that food items are prepared, processed and stored in a clean and hygienic atmosphere and place.

What is the Validity of FSSAI License?

The rules pertaining to FSSAI license are complex and it cannot be understood easily. Every business operator needs to apply for FSSAI license renewal 30 days before the expiry of the existing license otherwise you need to face a fine of Rs.100 per day till the renewal is done. In case of lapsing of renewal within the stipulated time, old license become invalid and you need to apply for a new license. FSSAI licenses are issued to the food business operators for a period ranging from 1 to 5 years. The maximum validity of FSSAI license is 5 years.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation

Document Preparation

Application Drafting

Government Fees

FSSAI Registration FAQ's

To get the license from FSSAI for your restaurant, you need to fill the FSSAI license form on Finacbooks online and upload the necessary documents. Finacbooks will make your work easier and provide you license in a few days. Within 20 to 40 days, we will mail you the status of your license too.

FSSAI license can be renewed 30 days before the expiry of original license. You need to provide your current license number to Finacbooks team. We will re-submit the Form A and form B and it will take around 30-40 days for renewal of the license. The government fee is same for renewal as well as for issue of new license.
The FSSAI central license is essential for the company registered office and separate licenses are required for the food manufacturing units in various states.
Yes, FSSAI central license is mandatory for importing food items for sales purposes.
Yes, license from FSSAI is mandatory for import and export of food products. You need to apply FSSAI central license for your export unit.
FSSAI license is necessary for food activities of any type such as manufacturing, trading, distribution and transportation.
Yes, all kinds of catering establishments which comes under central government such as Defense, Seaport, Airport and Railways needs license from FSSAI. In most of the cases, such establishments needs FSSAI central license.

How Finacbooks help in FSSAI Registration?

Finacbooks is a leading Indian portal of professional, experienced, dedicated and trusted Chartered accountants who offers accounting, financial and taxation solutions to individuals and small businesses all across India. We are having more than 10 years of experience in helping businesses providing FSSAI registration at a best possible price. We will guide you through the entire process of FSSAI Food License Registration. To avail the best deals on FSSAI registration, kindly call us at 8800221252 or you can also e-mail us at info@finacbooks.com


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