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Online GST Return Filing in India

It is a document containing income details (income earned from sales and purchase of goods) which a tax payer is needed to file with the tax administrative authorities. The same details are used by the authority to calculate tax liability. Sales and purchase invoices are needed to file GST returns. Under GST laws, a registered dealer has to file GST returns which includes –

  1. Purchases
  2. Sales
  3. Output GST (GST paid on sales)
  4. Input tax credit (GST paid on purchases)

Filing GST Returns

Every individual who applies for GST registration needs to file GST returns. There are various types of GST returns which you need to file on monthly basis with one annual return. If you are registered under GST composition scheme, you need to file GST returns every quarter along with filing one GST return every year. You need to file GSTR 1, 2 & 3.

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Types Of GST Returns

List of all the returns to be filed under GST laws with Form description, interval period and the due date –

For regular business

Return Form Particulars Interval Due date
GSTR-1 Details of outward supplies of taxable goods and/or services. It is applicable on taxpayers whose turnover is more than Rs.1.5 crores in previous year Monthly 10th of the next month
GSTR-2 Details of inward supplies of taxable goods and/or services to claim input tax credit Monthly 15th of the next month
GSTR-3 Details of outward supplies and inward supplies along with the payment of tax for filing monthly return Monthly 20th of the next month
GSTR-9 Annual return Annually 31st December of next financial year
GSTR-3B Return of the months up to march 2019 Monthly 20th of the next month

Note – If the turnover of the tax payer is less than Rs.1.5 crores in the previous financial year, then he or she has to file quarterly returns via Form GSTR-1.

Using composition scheme –

A dealer using a composition scheme enjoy many benefits such as less returns, few compliances, payment of tax at nominal rates etc. A dealer using composition scheme has to file only 2 returns –

Return Form Particulars Interval Due date
GSTR-4 Return for compounding taxable person Quarterly 18th of the month succeeding quarter
GSTR-9A Annual return Monthly 31st December of the next financial year

Returns filed by certain specific registered dealers -

Return Form Particulars Interval Due date
GSTR-5 Return for Non-resident taxable person Monthly 20th of the next month
GSTR-5A Return for Non-resident persons providing OIDAR services Monthly 20th of the next month
GSTR-6 Return for input service distributor Monthly 13th of the next month
GSTR-7 Return for authorities deducting tax at source Monthly 10th of the next month
GSTR-8 Details of supplies effected via e-commerce operator and the collection of the tax amount Monthly 10th of the next month
GSTR-10 Final return When registration is cancelled or registered Within three months from the date of cancellation
GSTR-11 Details of inward supplies to be furnished by a person having UIN and claiming refund Monthly 28th of the month following the month for which the statement is filed

Fees On Filing Late GST Return

If you will not file GST return on time, you will be liable to pay late fees as well as interest. A late fee is Rs.100 per day for each - CGST & SGST. It means total fee is Rs.200 per day. Maximum amount of fees for not paying GST return on time is Rs.5000. There is no late fee on IGST.

Interest is 18% per annum calculated on the outstanding amount of the tax payer. The time period runs from the next day of filing to the payment date.

How Finacbooks Can Help?

Finacbooks is one the leading accounting & financial company in India. Our team helps you in easily submitting your GST returns online without any delay. We always take care of the tax deadline and submit the correct client information to the tax authorities as soon as possible. Finacbooks team is having more than 10 years of experience in GST registration and provides the best services to everyone including our valuable clients.

GST Returns FAQs

Every dealer registered under GST need to file GST returns. You need to file nil return, if no activities of sales and purchases have been carried out during the business period.
Time duration is different for all dealers and it depends upon the type of transaction and registration. Monthly returns need to be filed by regular tax payers such as E-commerce operators, tax deductors, input service distributors and the non-residents. Quarterly returns are filed by composition tax payers. One Annual return needs to be filed in both monthly as well as quarterly return.
If the tax payer unable to file GST return on time, he or she will be liable to pay Rs.100 each day for both CGST and SGST i.e. 200 as late fees. The Maximum amount of fees is Rs.5000
The return form is same for CGST, SGST & IGST. An independent column is there for all these taxes which are filled depending upon inter-state or intra-state supply.
No, you cannot revise the GST return. Any modification in the particulars can be done in the “amendment” section given in the form.

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