Copyright Registration

In the India, the registration of copyright is administered by the Copyright Act, 1957. It gives a type of security so that the task borne by the producer of task cannot be duplicated by someone and to recover the product uniqueness. There are bunch of rights below Copyright such as the rights of translation, adaptation, reproduction of the work, and communication to the public etc.

Copyright is primarily a judicial right which has been given to the producers of artistic, musical, dramatics and literature work and also the recordings of the sound and films of the producers. Occasionally even startups and businesses get registration of copyright relevant to user guides, product literature and instruction manuals.

Generally, copyright is applied by a producer of the task, but occasionally the supervisor of its producer or the individual who has authored the task can inherent the copyright.

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Why You Apply for Copyright Registration?

The reason to apply for copyright registration are following:

  • Different legal rights
  • Legal Safety
  • Abstract Asset

What is meant by Copyright Registration?

Similar to the Patent and the Trademark, a Copyright is an important protection of intellectual property. The Copyright Act, 1957 assists you in preserving the genuine or original artistic work, music, drama, and literature. Operation methods, processes, and concepts can not be copyrighted. In a novice language, a copyright is an independent right acknowledged to the proprietor in order to safeguard his work from being misused, exploited, and copied.

Performing a specific task takes plenty of energy and attempts and so safeguarding the task executed is as significant as performing a task. So, one of the channels via which one can safeguard as adore as well specific rights upon her/his tasks is called as Copyright. You can transfer a copyright. Only the proprietor of registered task can allocate acceptance to another individual or can deploy the product.

Under a Copyright, what things can be protected?

A copyright simply safeguards the narration of concepts (illustrations and words), it cannot be safeguarded alone. Under the law of copyright, the following may be safeguarded:

Performances on Television and Radio

Artistic works (i.e. photographs and paintings)

Literary works (website, computer programs, books written)

Telefilms, Films and Movies

Dramatic works (dramas and films scripts)

Sounds recorded

Editions printed

Musical tasks (songs)


Benefits of Copyright Registration

Makes your work popular

Registered work is easily noticed by the people and it is quickly seeable on various platforms with the database registered.

Gets Protection Across the Globe

India permits or gives advantages to the work which is copyrighted in various other countries. If you get registration for copyright in India, then this copyright registration is valid in most of the countries in the world.

Goodwill or Branding

As this is a universal truth, that branding plays a vital role for your work promotion. The Copyright registration can assist you to make a feel of quality and goodwill in your customer minds.

Asset Creation

It develops an intellectual property. Those copyright, which are registered can be franchised, commercially contracted, and sold with the owner acceptance.

Restrain Unauthorized Duplication

It prohibits to create duplicity of the original work and provide extra preference to the work owner.


Registration of Copyright assists you in safeguarding your exclusive work and will work as a proof in the court of law for work ownership.

Owner Rights

Rights related to adaption, reproduction, translation and dissemination of work have been completely granted to the producer of the work.

Presence in the Market

Via registration of copyright, your original work is promoted amidst the public in a single attempt. It can be used easily for marketing or for publicizing in the customer mind.

Legal Security

The owners or producers of unique work can constantly safeguard their work via registration of copyright. It assists them against violation.

Information needed for Registration of copyright

Publication Date

You require to indicate the publication date in internal magazines. For example, a research paper or a company magazine submitted with a professor is not consider as publication.

Work Nature

This comprises of work title, description and class of the work. if the copyright registration is for a website, then you require to provide the website URL. You also require to specify the work language.

Personal Information

This comprises of Nationality, Address and Name of the applicant. Nature need to specify by the applicant. Whether he is representative or the owner?