TradeMark Registration

A trademark is a “logo” or “brand” which can be used to differentiate the product of a company against its competitors. Via the registration of trademark or the registration of brand or logo, you can safeguard your logo or brand by controlling your competitors from deploying your logo or brand. If you trademarked your brand or logo then you are offering it safety. It is also not legal to deploy the similar tagline or logo.

A trademark which is registered is an indefinite assed for any kind of business. A registered trademark safely protects the investment of the company and the symbol or the brand. When you trademark your brand or logo, then a trademark license or registered trademark number is issued within three days by the department of trademark.

A trademark requires two years for the registration, therefore you can use the symbol of the trademark along with your name of the brand. It is good for you if you register your brand name or trademark. The reason is that you will get protection for your brand name or trademark against those companies which using the similar brand name and trademark like you.

If you recently start a company, then take adequate measures for protection of your company logo or trademark. You need to properly search a name for the trademark, because it will assist you in ignoring the issues in the future.

What you mean by a Trademark?

A trademark is a distinct expression of a symbol or logo related to your service or product which differentiate it from various companies. A trademark can be a symbol of visual like a numeral, label, a device, a name and a word. It is used by a company to differentiate it from other services of various businesses.

It is your asset to flaunt, your legal umbrella or your silent salesman. Trademarks owners have the complete right to use their trademark under various categories for which it is registered. 45 categories or classes are available for trademark. When trademarks infringements are happened, then Trademark Act, 1999 gives exclusive rights to the owner of the trademark to sue others for damages done to their trademark by them.

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Benefits of Registration of Trademark

It makes your brand popular

You can easily search a registered trademark. The reason is that it is easily accessible.

Goodwill or Trust

A trademark which is registered can provides distinctness to your product. It can make easily the sense of quality, goodwill and trust in the brain of your client.

Making of Asset

The registered trademark can work as an asset for the trademark owner. The trademark owner can permit, franchise or sell it on the basis of contract to a different party. It makes a type of intellectual property for the trademark owner.

Distinct Identity

The important feature of the trademark registration is that it assists you to initiate a distinct identity of your company. Therefore, a competitor is not able to use or apply your trademark for the same services or goods.

Protection from Law

You are the legal owner of the trademark registered by you. Other person cannot use the registered trademark without your consent. If the trademark is not registered then you can not take any kind of action against the second party. If someone tries to emulate your trademark then you can take legal action against that company or person.

What you can trademarked?


Any kind of sound can be trademarked.


Letters, three dimensional shapes, monograms, symbol and images can be trademarked.


Numerals, letters, alphanumeric, or some different combination can be trademarked.


A word can be trademarked which does not display description of the quality or character of the service or goods.


A name can be trademarked which can be comprises of surname or personal details of the predecessor or applicant in signature or the business of the person.

Any business or person who are the owner can apply for a trademark such as





It is good for you if as an individual, you apply for the trademark. In case of the company or proprietor, if you modify or close the business name, the trademark does not valid. If you are an individual, then this issue is not happened.

Procedure of Trademark Application

Search Trademark

Before initiating the process of trademark registration, the owner of the business or individual need to search the trademark in the database of the trademark. The trademark search offer information relating to the similar or identical trademark filed with the registry of trademark. You can perform trademark search by visiting the website of the registrar of the trademark.

Filing of Trademark

After finishing the trademark search, the trademark registration application need to be filed with the registrar of the trademark along with the requisite fees. The trademark application contains information such as description of the services or goods, trademark or classification class, address and name of the owner of the trademark, trademark or the logo.

Registration of trademark

Your application for trademark will be verified by the office of the trademarks. Objection is raised by the government if your name is identical to some other trademark name, or if the name is vulgar. If there is no any objection, the registrar of the trademark publishes the advertisement in the journal of the trademark. If there is no any objection from any party within four months, then within the next six months, the trademark is registered.

Different symbols of trademark such as “R”, “SM” and “TM”

“R” Symbol

The R symbol is significant for your logo or brand when the trademark is registered and the registration certificate is issued by the registrar of the trademark.

“SM” Symbol

The SM symbol is a type of trademark with mark of service. It distinguishes and identifies the service source. You can deploy SM for service such as housekeeping.

“TM” Symbol

The TM symbol is used with the name of the brand till than your trademark is registered and the application display the “pending” status.

Frequently Asked Questions

The registry of the trademark has organized services and goods under forty-five classes. Your application need to mention the classes/class of the services/goods. Under those classes trademark can be registered.

A trademark can be valid for a period of around ten years. After that you can renew the trademark.
After your trademark application is registered, the TM number is issued by the department of trademark within one or two days after application submission.
The copyright offers you the assurance of providing safety for your distinct content like software, songs, videos, music and books etc. A trademark is a type of intellectual property, and it is issued to a logo or word.
If you are an individual then you require to display proof of identity for registration of trademark in India. If you are a company, then you require to display the documents related to the incorporation of the company.
No, the registered trademark is not valid around the world.
Yes, domain or registration of company will not protect the identity of your brand. To protect the identity of your company, you require to register your trademark.

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