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A Passport is a necessary document of travel for all those people who are travelling abroad for family visits, medical attendance, business purpose, tourism, pilgrimage and education. During the past few years, the spreading globalization and growing economy have result into a high demand for Passport and related amenities. To meet the growing demand for Passport, MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) has launched PSP (Passport Seva Project) in May 2010.

The Passport Seva authorizes transparent, efficient and simple procedures for the passport delivery and related services. For the Government staff, this project establishes a countrywide network environment and incorporate with the State Police for the proper physical verification of the credential of the applicants. The India Post offers the doorstep delivery of the passports.

Why Passport is Necessary?

All the Indian citizens who wants to depart from the India are need to be in possession of a valid travel document called as “Passport”. As per the Passports Act 1967, the Indian Government may issue various kinds of travel documents and passports like certificate of identity, emergency certificate, official passport, diplomatic passport and ordinary passport for this reason.

Tatkaal Passport

Tatkal Passport Service is a scheme offered to applicants of passport who required the passport on an urgent basis. Passport office is the final authority who issues passport under the Tatkal Scheme. Under the tatkal scheme, passport is dispatched within one working day. If police verification is not required, then it does not include the date of submission of application. The passport is dispatched within the third working day, if police verification is necessary.

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