File Income Tax Returns: Online ITR e-Filing Process

According to Income tax act, 1961, section 139 (1), those persons whose total income from various sources, after the end of the preceding year, the maximum amount on which taxes are not applicable, require to file taxes electronically to claim the returns of the income tax. To save efforts and the precious time, the Indian income tax department permits payers of the tax to e-file income taxes returns online.

The simple process of e-Filing of the income tax is the main reason that why the online procedure of the filing of the income tax is very popular among the payers of the tax.

If you do not have knowledge regarding e-Filing of the returns of the income tax, then it is good for you to consult a tax expert or a chartered accountant. If you are a tech savvy person, then you can easily e-file returns of the income tax from your office or home easily.

For this you require to register yourself on the official poral of the department of the income tax and then you require to follow the guidelines for e-Filing returns of the income tax. The due date of e-file returns of the income tax is 31st July every year.

Advantages of Income Tax Returns e-Filing

The refunds and rebates of tax are processed very quickly. In the manual filing of returns of the income tax, the process is slow and very longer as compared to the e-Filing.

An enhanced rate of accuracy: With the help of latest technology like in-built validations in the software of the e-Filing, the chances of any type of mistake is very less. The main advantages of e-Filing income tax returns are following:

  1. E-Filing is very convenient: From your home or office, you can easily e-file your returns of the income tax from anywhere and anytime of the day.
  2. Past filing records are accessible easily: You can easily view your past e-Filing records at a time convenient to you.
  3. Totally safe: E-Filing the returns of the income tax is highly secure. There are very little chances for the data stealing by some-one.
  4. User-friendly: The software of e-Filing of the return of the income tax makes filing return a very simple process.

Significance of Income Tax Returns e-Filing

The entire procedure of e-Filing returns of income tax is very simple. Therefore, most of the taxpayers wants to e-file income tax returns.

To get the benefits of the return of the income tax e-Filing, you need to satisfy the conditions given below -

  • Your taxable total income need to be more than Rs. 5 lakhs or Rs. 5 lakhs.
  • You require to give a report of audit, which is mentioned under the sections: 115JB, 92E, 80LA, 80JJAA, 80ID, 80IC, 80IB, 12A (1) (B), 10A, 10 (23C) (via), 10(23) (VI), 10 (23C) (V), and 10(23C) (IV) of the act of the income tax.
  • According to the section 11 (2) (a), you need to give a notice to the assessing officer.
  • You require to be an Artificial judicial person, local authority (ITR5), Cooperative society, AOP, BOI, an organisation (not as per section 44AB offerings).
  • You need to be an HUF or individual with assets or properties outside India for e-Filing returns of tax.
  • Under the section 139 (4B) (ITR7), you need to give returns.
  • You need to be an inhabitant who possesses the authority outside the country to sign any account.
  • You need to be an assesse who get the relief according to the sections 90A or 90 or deductions under the section 91.

Procedure of Income Tax e-Filing

e-File Income Tax Return using DSC

Digital Signature Certificate is a very important document for e-file returns of the income tax. You need to consult a chartered accountant, if you want to submit forms of income tax via the DSC.

Without DSC, if you want to file returns of the income tax, then you need to generate a form of ITR V. you require to sign and print this form and then you need to submit this form to CPC Bangalore through speed post or ordinary mail within 120 days from the online filing of return date. You also get the facility to e file returns of the tax via an ERI (E-return intermediary). Without or with DSC, you can perform this.

Three important methods to file Income Tax

Tax Return Preparers (TRPs)

According to the scheme of TRP started by the department of income tax, an official group (TRPs) is given the task to assist the taxpayers to help them in filing of the returns. They are appointed by the department of income tax. These TRPS are trained properly and help tax payers.

Income Tax e-Filing via Mobile App

With the help of latest advancements in the technology, there are various mobile apps available on mobile platforms like Android and iOS. Here you can search from a vast range of mobile apps which are specially designed for this purpose to assist the taxpayers to file their returns of the tax without any issue. Most of these mobile apps help users in filing ITR 1.

Income Tax e-Filing via Websites

There are various websites who help tax payers in e-Filing their income tax returns properly. You need to visit one of these websites and e-file your income tax return accordingly.