What is Digital Signature Certificate(DSC)?

Digital signature certificate or DSC is a type of electronic format signature. In the India, it is used for performing various kinds of transactions online like e-tenders, e-filing of income tax, LLP or company incorporation, and annual return filing.

There are three kinds of digital signature certificate.

  • Class I
  • Class II
  • Class III

For safeguarding the email communications, the class I signature is used.

For registrations of the company, getting DPIN and DIN, and e-filing of IT returns, Class II signature is used.

For e-auctions participation and e-tendering, the class III digital signature certificates are used.

For the DSC (Digital Signature Certificate), following documents are needed:

Voter identity card or Aadhar card copy

Copy of PAN card

Photograph passport size

Documents needed for Class II

Class II form hard copy

Passport copy if you are not an Indian, and PAN card copy

Proof of address: copy of Aadhar card/driver’s license/utilities bill/ration card/election/voter ID/and the passport. The telephone or gas bill should be latest. The name of the applicant should be written on the bill. In case of a foreign national, the bill is not older than one year.

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Why DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) are important?

The digital signature certificates are valid for one and two years. After the expiry of the validity, these can be renewed very easily. In a USB flash drive, you can easily carry your digital signature certificate. This is also known as E-Token.

After submission of application along with the necessary documents, you can receive DSC between one to three days.

Registration procedure of DSC

For an online company incorporation, all necessary documents must contain digital signature certificate of the directors of the company. Therefore, the director of the company need to own a Digital signature certificate class II.

You can apply directly for the DSC (Digital Signature Certificates) by contacting CAs (Certifying Authorities) with self-attested copies of the supporting documents original along with the original documents.

Some CA also offers Aadhar based (eKYC) authentication for the DSC. No documents are required in this case.

Bank manager certified certificate or letter issued by the bank. It includes the information of the applicant as given in the database of the bank.

Six authorities of certification are appointed by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. These are e-Mudhra, NC-Code, Tata Consultancy Services, Safe Script, IDRBT and NIC (National Informatics Centre). The rates of all these authorities are totally different.

The total charges also include the USB token cost for storing the digital service certificate.

Important reasons of DSC registration rejection

  • Names abbreviating: There is no need to abbreviate the name of the director irrespective of what is given in the address proof/ID.
  • Mistakes in the spelling: In the names mentioned, there should no be any mistakes related to spelling.
  • Bills old: The bills should be latest and up to last 2 months only. The applicant name need to be written on the bill.
  • Prefixes avoided: You require to avoid the prefixes such as Shri/Mrs./Mr. etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a type of electronic format physical signature.
Any person (foreign nationals and Indian citizen) can get the digital signature certificate and any kind of entity of business (Trust, Company, LLP, Partnership) etc.
You can get a digital signature certificate between one to three days after submitting the application for the digital signature certificate along with necessary documents.
No, physical verification is not necessary for issuing a digital signature certificate.
To get the digital signature certificate, the digital signature certificate application form need to be submitted along with applicant’s proof of address and proof of identity copies self-attested along with photograph of the applicant.

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