What is GSTR-7A?

GSTR-7A is an automatically generated TDS certificate after deductor provides the details of the return in GSTR-7 and same details are accepted by the deductee on GST portal. This certificate is available online for both deductor and deductee for viewing and downloading. It is issued by the deductor (an authorized person who deducts TDS amount) to the deductee (a person whose TDS amount has been deducted).

What are the contents of GSTR-7A?

GSTR-7A contains the following information –

  1. TDS certificate number
  2. GSTIN of TDS deductor
  3. Name of deductor
  4. GSTIN of contractor (Supplier)
  5. Assessment circle/ward
  6. Tax period of GST-7
  7. GSTIN of deductee
  8. Contract details including invoice details, date of payment, amount on which TDS gets deducted.

When to file GSTR-7A?

GSTR-7A cannot be filed as it is a read only TDS certificate issued by the deductor to the deductee on the basis of details filled in form GSTR-7.

How many TDS certificates are issued per GSTIN?

A single TDS certificate is issued per GSTIN for every GSTR-7 return filed by the deductee.

GSTR-7A Return Form Format

Download Form GSTR-7A by clicking below link –