What is GSTR-1A?

GSTR-1A form is filed by the registered tax payer to update the details of his sales for the earlier filed GSTR-1.

Whenever buyer modifies any data in GSTR-2, seller may either accept or reject the changes. In case seller accepts the changes, the same will reflect in GSTR-1. If the details furnished by the seller are absolutely correct and the same are accepted by the buyer, GSTR1A form has no relevance.

How is GSTR-1A different from GSTR-1?

GSTR-1 comprises of all the sales details filled & filed by the taxpayer whereas when information included in GSTR-1 appears in buyer’s GSTR-2, buyer has the option to change some of the information. The information changed by the buyer will appear in your GSTR-1A and after accepting the changed information, GSTR-1A will automatically get updated.

Who needs to file GSTR-1A?

All normal and casual tax payers need to file GSTR-1A in case populated details are reflecting in their GSTR-1A.

GSTR 1A Filing Due Dates 2020

GSTR-1A can be filed before 17th date of the every month subsequent to the tax period or any other dates notified by government after the final due date of GSTR-2.

How does GSTR-1A Works?

Let us understand how GSTR-1A works with the help of an example –

  1. Rahul buys 50 pencils costing Rs.100 (Rs.2 per pencil) from Tarun Stationery.
  2. Tarun stationery made a mistake and entered Rs.10 instead of Rs.100 as cost of pencils in GSTR-1.
  3. The data from GSTR-1 flows into Rahul’s GSTR-2A
  4. Rahul corrected the error and put Rs.100 (Correct amount) in the place of Rs.10 (Wrong amount).
  5. The corrected error reflects in Tarun stationery GSTR-1A.
  6. Tarun stationery got the option to either accept or reject the changes made by Rahul. When Tarun stationery accepts the correction, GSTR-1A of Tarun stationery automatically gets updated.

GSTR-1A Return Form Format

Download Form GSTR-1A by clicking below link –