What is GSTR-4?

GSTR-4 is a quarterly return form filed by those tax payers who has decided to go for GST composition scheme in the new indirect tax regime. As per this scheme, a taxpayer needed to file only one return every quarter whereas a general taxpayer will be needed to file 3 returns in a month.

All businesses will not be able to registered under GST composition scheme as this scheme is applicable only to those businesses whose annual turnover is up to 1.5 crore (effective from 1st April 2019) and follow the specified eligibility criteria are entitled to register under this scheme. The most important benefit of using GST composition scheme is that dealers who opted for this scheme needs to pay taxes at fixed rates without using input tax credit facility. The fixed rate of 6% and turnover limit of Rs.50 Lakh per annum is applicable on service providers under this GST composition scheme.

Who should file GSTR-4?

All taxpayers opting for GST composition scheme is required to file GSTR-4 except the following persons –

  1. Input service distributor
  2. Non-resident taxable person
  3. Taxpayer liable to deduct TDS
  4. Taxpayer liable to deduct TCS
  5. Persons who are supplier of online information & database access or retrieval services (OIDAR) and paying taxes under section 14 of the IGST act.

GSTR 4 Filing Due Dates 2020

Period Due dates
Oct - Dec 2019 18th Jan 2020
Jan - Mar 2020 18th Apr 2020
Apr - Jun 2020 18th Jul 2020
Jul - Sep 2020 18th Oct 2020
Oct - Dec 2020 18th Jan 2021

How to revise GSTR-4?

Once a GSTR-4 return is filed, it cannot be revised but if you have done any mistake in the current quarter, you are having the option to rectify that mistake in the next quarter of return. For ex – If you made a mistake in quarter of April-June 2019, you can rectify that mistake in the next quarter i.e. July-September 2019.

Penalty for Late GSTR-4 Filing

As per the latest update, late fee for filing GSTR-4 is Rs.50 per day in case of tax liability whereas it is Rs.20 per day in case of nil tax liability. The maximum late fee charge is Rs.5000.

GSTR-4 Return Form Format

Download Form GSTR-4 by clicking below link –