Apparently, it seems impossible for anyone to be able to open a bank account in a bank in the United States of America, while physically being in India.

Can I open a bank account in the USA while being in India?

The American banks operating in India do not allow you to open a bank account in the Unites States, being here in India.

The United States Of America Has Patriot Act

Patriot act puts restrictions over the American banks to open accounts for non-American citizens, to be operated remotely.

You need to be physically present in the bank in America, where you would like to open your bank account, at the time of your opening a bank account there.

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The Banking Rules In The Banks Of United States Of America.

United States of America is one of the most law compliant countries. The account opener in an American bank has to follow a strict KYC rule or “Know Your Customer” rules.

This process of customer screening is very severe in USA. The banks in United States of America also follow the Anti Money Laundering rules very rigidly.

The person who is interested to open her/his bank account in an American bank in United States of America, must be present there physically, at the time of opening the bank account.

You have to be physically present before the authorised bank officials for your required identity verifications and for completion of all the required formalities, needed for opening a bank account there.

However, your physical presence before the bank officials does not guarantee the opening of your bank account in an American bank if you are unable to provide them with the complete set of required “Know Your Customer” documents, to the satisfaction of bank officials.

Moreover, you will have to provide the bank with a professional reference, to get your bank account opened in that bank, smoothly and fast.

The Provisions That Allow You To Open A Bank Account In A Bank In USA, While You Are In India.

You have different ways to get your bank account opened in a bank in the United States of America, while being in India. These avenues are-

  • If you have a friend, a relative or someone whom you know and can trust well, currently residing in United states of America, your task of opening a bank account in a bank in the USA becomes comparatively easier, while you still are in India.
  • There are many service providing companies, operating in India. These service providing companies offer Corporate US bank accounts for non-residents, who either are not able to visit USA or is currently living in another country.

    These service providers will get you your desired account number in the US based American bank first. There is no risk of any possible fraud, with the services of these service providers.

  • You can open a bank account in the USA while you are still in India, if you have a valid address in the United States. This you can have from your friend or from a relative, who is currently residing in United States of America.

    There are services that provide you with this facility. This task of your opening a bank account in America becomes easy if you have an US form of Identification, such as a US driver’s license or a US Social Security Number.

    These are collected by the banks in America from their customers, at the time of their opening a new account in the bank.

  • You can avail the services of any one of the various reputed Offshore Company and Bank account Setup, Merchant Account Services, if you are in India and are not able to visit USA right now.

    These Offshore Company and Bank account Set up Merchant Account services will arrange all the documents for USA incorporation, to be delivered to you within a day and of a bank account in USA within seven days. This they do for a fee, but they are firm on their commitments.

  • There are multiple reliable Overseas Corporate Professionals and Multinational Organisations, who are operating in India for long number of years. These organisations have an efficient team of global professionals.

    These professionals help making the idea of doing overseas business a reality. They will provide effective solutions to all requirements that is present for doing an overseas business. They help their clients to run their businesses without any of the haunting worries.

    You can take the help of any of such reputed Multinational Organisations in India, who will provide you with professional help to solve your problem of opening a bank account in the USA, while you still are in India.

  • If you have your business company registered in USA and you are earning money in US Dollars, it is very easy for you to open a bank account in America, while you are in India. You can easily incorporate a company in the United States without being physically present in the United States.
  • There are popular payment processor companies in the world. The name of such a company is Stripe and the service is named Atlas by Stripes. This service of Atlas by Stripes helps anyone in all over the world to open a business company in the United States of America.
  • This particular service also helps anyone to open a bank account in the USA, without the person visiting the country of USA. Previously, opening and maintaining a bank account used to be absolutely free of cost. Now you have to pay a certain amount of fee if you do not maintain the minimum required amount in your bank account.

These services will not only help you in incorporating a company in US, but also in opening a bank account there with US Tax ID Number, without your physical presence in US.

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