What is AD Code (Authorized Dealer Code)?

AD Code is an Authorised Dealer Code provided by the bank in which your business has current account. AD code is a 14 digit number which can be obtained from the bank in which you have opened a current bank account for your company. It is mandatory to obtain IEC (Import Export Code) from DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade) in order to get Authorised Dealer from your bank.

AD Code Custom Registration:

It is mandatory to register AD code at port where your goods are sent for custom clearance. Without port registration of AD code, the EDI system of ICEGATE will not generate shipping bill number which is a must for export of goods.

What is AD Code (Authorized Dealer Code)? AD Code Custom Registration

Where Do I Need to Register AD Code?

AD code needs to be registered in each and every port from where you want to export your shipment. Once you register your AD code at a port, it will remain valid for lifetime.

My Current Bank Account Details are changed, Do I Need to Register AD Code Again?

Yes, if you changed bank account then you are required to register again to generate shipping bill number.

AD code registration in custom enables you to get government benefits directly in your current bank account.

Documents Required for AD Code Registration in Custom?

You can register AD code in custom with the help of IEC code and AD code letter provided by your bank. Below is the full list of documents required for AD code registration:

  1. Bank Statement
  2. Bank Certificate – AD Code Letter
  3. ITR
  4. GST Registration Certificate
  5. IEC Certificate
  6. Pan Card

AD Code Letter Format:

Below is a Sample format of AD Code (Authorized Dealer Code) letter provided by an Indian bank after you have obtained Import Export code for your business.

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