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What is Director Identification Number (DIN)?

Director identification number is the number allotted to a proposed or the existing director of the company. In order to obtain DIN, you need to submit or update KYC details via e-form DIR-3 to the ministry of corporate affairs (MCA).

Anyone who wants to be a director of one or more than one company has to mandatorily submit this form. As you know, MCA needs to update its registry and it can only be done when all the directors of the company will submit their KYC details annually to Ministry of corporate affairs (MCA).

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Who has to file e-form DIR-3 KYC?

Any individual who has been allotted director identification number (DIN/DPIN) before the end of the financial year and whose status has been “approved’ has to mandatorily file KYC details via form DIR-3 before the deadline of the immediately next financial year. This process is mandatory and must be followed by disqualified directors too.

Checkpoints involved in Filing e form DIR-3 KYC?

  • Director’s need to provide his or her personal mobile number and E-mail address (Verified by OTP)
  • Directors need to use his/her own digital signature while filing e-form.
  • The information submitted by the director in the form should be correct, complete and certified by practicing chartered accountant or Company secretary or cost & management accountant.

Documents for filing DIR-3 KYC form

In order to file DIR-3 KYC form, you need to submit the following documents –

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. PAN card
  3. Voter’s identity card
  4. Driving license
  5. Passport (Mandatory in case foreign national is holding a DIN)
  6. Nationality & citizenship details like gender and date of birth.
  7. Personal mobile & E-mail address
  8. Residential address

In addition to the above documents, you need to keep the following things readily available with you –

  1. Applicant’s digital signature
  2. Document attestation of the above listed documents from practicing professionals like CA, CS, and cost accountant. Documents attested by prescribed authority in case of foreign nationals.
  3. A duly attested declaration provided by the applicant.

Who are the signatories in DIR-3 KYC Form?

  • DIN holder
  • Practicing professionals like CA, CS or CMA
  • In case you are an Indian citizen, PAN number mentioned in DSC is verified with the PAN number mentioned by you in the form.
  • In case you are a foreign national, your name mentioned in DSC should match with the name entered by you in the form. DSC affixed on the form must be registered on MCA portal.

When DIN is deactivated?

If the DIN holder will not file the DIR-3 KYC form to MCA before the due date, DIN status of the holder will be marked as “deactivated” by MCA department.

What happens if DIR-3 KYC form is filed after the deadline?

Every director needs to file DIR-3 KYC form on MCA 21 portal before the deadline. Failing in submitting the form before the deadline or non-filing leads to deactivation of DIN by MCA department.

If the director wants to reactivate his or her DIN, a late payment fee of Rs. 5000 needs to be paid to MCA. This form needs to be submitted annually by the directors.

How Finacbooks help in filing DIR-3 KYC form?

Finacbooks is a leading Indian portal providing accounting, finance & taxation services to small businesses. We are having more than 10 years of experience in helping directors filing DIR-3 KYC form. We will guide you through the entire process of filing director’s KYC form. To avail the best deals on DIR- 3 KYC form filing, kindly call us at 8800221252 or you can also e-mail us at info@finacbooks.com

Frequently Asked Questions related to DIR-3 KYC

Yes, it is mandatory to file DIR-3 KYC form once every year to MCA
Any proposed or existing director of a company needs to file DIR-3 KYC form every year to MCA in order to update his or her KYC information in MCA register.

The details required to be filled in DIR-3 KYC form are as follows –

  • Name
  • Father’s name
  • Date of birth
  • PAN number
  • Aadhaar (Mandatory)
  • Voter ID/Passport/Driving license (In the absence of Aadhaar)
  • Personal Mobile number
  • Personal e-mail address
  • Permanent residential address
Yes, a disqualified director also needs to file DIR-3 KYC form to MCA.
Yes, you have to file DIR-3 KYC form in order to reactivate your DIN status along with the late fee of Rs. 5000.

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