What is UIDAI?

Various countries around the world deploy a unique identification system whereby every citizen of the country acquired a number which contains all the necessary information or details about him or her. The “Aadhar Card” project was started in year 2009 by UIDAI. “UIDAI” stands for Unique Identification Authority of India. Its main objective is to offer “Aadhar” or Unique Identification Numbers to all the Indian residents. The Aadhar card is a proof of address and identity of a person. The Aadhar number is a twelve-digit unique identification number. The Aadhar card carries important information such as name, Aadhar number, photograph, date of birth, address, phone number, gender, enrolment number, and a barcode showing the Aadhar number of a person. Remember, the Aadhar is only the proof of your identity and not the proof of your citizenship.

The Indian government wants to implement Aadhar card system in India. Their main intention is to provide Aadhar card to people of India is to offer various benefits to Indian residents. These benefits can include things such as different subsidies by the Indian government such as subsidy on gas. This project faces various issues since its start. Some people claims that this project is not sound constitutionally, since biometric data collection is the key objective of this project. The main objective of this project or program is to provide every citizen of India a unique identification number which assists in identify the citizens and offers them benefits of different schemes started by the government. Therefore, every citizen of India will receive an Aadhar card and twelve-digit Aadhar number. By the Aadhar card project, every citizen of India receives an identity card which can also linked to various services such as pension schemes, bank accounts and UAN.


Aadhar Card

The Aadhar card is issued after approval of your application, and an Aadhar number will assigned to you. if you already received your Aadhar number and wants to download your Aadhar card quickly then you can download your Aadhar card in pdf format by using your Aadhar number or enrollment number. You can also note, that an Aadhar card is not necessary to get all the benefits of Aadhar.

Advantages of Aadhar Card

The main advantage of Aadhar card is to make it very easy for people of India to get government subsidies and have one unique identification number which can be used as proof of identity and address. Second reason, which the government specifies is to help in restricting the illegal immigration in India. You need to remember that Aadhar card is not a replacement of your passport or driving license. Aadhar card does not recognizes a person as member of a family and a person can not own more than one Aadhar number.

Benefits of Aadhar Card


The Aadhar card is valid throughout the lifetime of an individual.

Bank Accounts

The main benefit of linking your bank account with your Aadhar number is that, if you are eligible for the welfare scheme of Indian government to get some money, then it is easily transferred to your bank account which is linked to your Aadhar number.

Phone Connections

When you want a new mobile or landline phone connection, then your Aadhar card is used as a substitute for the KYC documents such as proof of address and identity proof.

Gas Connections

As per the PAHAL DBTL scheme, people having an Aadhar card can use it to get subsidy on the gas connection. For this, they need to link their Aadhar card with bank account and gas connection.

Government Subsidy

The Indian government offers some subsidy to certain category of citizens. However, there are some cases when this subsidy is misused. Aadhar number is very helpful in solving this issue and ensures that only the person, who need subsidy and are eligible for it will get it. Aadhar is also very useful in determining the eligibility of a citizen for enrollment in government schemes such as Sarva Shiksha Abhiyaan and Right to education.

Universal Identity Card

The main aim of launching the Aadhar project is to make a universal and unique identity card for the citizens of India which can assist in generating the various documents to get different services.

Steps to link Aadhar with PAN Card

To file income tax returns, it is mandatory to link your Aadhar number with the PAN card.

  1. First, you require to login to the income tax website http://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/.
  2. The next step is to select the “Link Aadhar” option.
  3. The final step is to input name, PAN card details, and Aadhar number as mentioned in the Aadhar card.

Aadhar Number Features

The Aadhar is not a card, but it is a number. Aadhar number is a unique identification number which is used for storing all the necessary information of a person.

What Aadhar Numbers Means?

The Aadhar number is a twelve-digit unique identification number of a person which provides information such as phone connections, passports, and bank accounts held by a person. It also contains the necessary biometric data of a person.

Aadhar Numbers Format

The Aadhar number is a twelve-digit number which is assigned to a person. These twelve numbers would signify the identities of more than hundred billion people. The first eleven digits of the Aadhar number represents the identities and the last digit is used to curb the errors in the data entry.

Aadhar Card Details

The Aadhar number in conjunction with the Aadhar card represents the basic information of an individual. The information includes:

  • A barcode which signifies the Aadhar number
  • Gender of the person
  • Date of birth of the person
  • Address of the person
  • Photograph of the person
  • EID or enrollment number
  • Aadhar number
  • Person’s name

Aadhar Number Vs Aadhar Card

The main thing which is important is your Aadhar number. To get all the benefits of Aadhar, your Aadhar number is sufficient for that as compared to your Aadhar card.

Aadhar Card Eligibility Criteria

Aadhar number is that number which is useful for residents of India. It serves as one single document with unlimited uses such as identity proof, and address proof. An Aadhar card is your gateway to get special benefits or schemes implemented by the government. To get the Aadhar number you need to fulfills certain eligibility criteria. The Aadhar is not a proof of your citizenship. It is very useful for establishing the identity of an individual. The non-resident Indians, foreigners residing in India, and resident Indians are eligible for Aadhar number.

The eligibility criteria for availing the Aadhar number are:

  • Those foreigners who are residing in Indian became eligible for Aadhar card.
  • Non-resident Indians can also eligible for Aadhar card.
  • Any Indian citizen is eligible for the Aadhar card.
  • Children less than three years of age need not apply for Aadhar card.

Aadhar Card for Foreigners

It is difficult to digest the fact that Aadhar card is also issued to the foreigners, who are residing in India. But this is a truth.

Aadhar Card for NRIs

Non-residents Indians can also get Aadhar card.

Aadhar Card for Minors

Minors can also eligible for a Aadhar card. For this, address of the parents, ID proof and birth certificate is required. The necessary condition is that the age of the minor is one year before enrollment. After getting the unique identification numbers, the minors will require to update their biometric data, when they become fifteen years old.

Aadhar Card for Indian Residents

Irrespective of gender, religion or race, every person who is resident of India is eligible for Aadhar card.

How to Receive an Aadhar Card

  • First you need to take appointment at your nearest Aadhar center online. You require to follow the procedure given below to get the Aadhar card.
  • You need to book an appointment with the Aadhar center. For this, you require to visit the official website of UIDAI, http://uidai.gov.in/. On this website there is a form which you need to fill such as date, enrollment center, number of people who want to visit the center, and your contact details etc.
  • After booking the appointment, the applicant needs to visit the Aadhar enrollment center along with the necessary documents and needs to submit their biometric data i.e. iris record and fingerprints.
  • The authorities will verify the necessary information. After the successful verification, you will get a notification via email or an SMS informing you that your Aadhar enrollment has been successful. After a short while the Aadhar number is generated and sent to you by email or SMS.

Documents Needed for Aadhar Card

These are the minimum or basic requirements which you will require to get the Aadhar card. Your physical presence is necessary because of the requirement of biometric data collection.

You will require to carry the documents for:

For the points which I mentioned above, you need to carry one or more of the following documents.

  • Voter Identity Card
  • PAN Cards
  • SSLC certificates
  • Birth certificate
  • Govt. issued identity cards
  • Driver’s license
  • Passport

Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) has issued orders to all the banks to provide Aadhar enrollment facilities in at least ten percent of their branches. For this purpose, the banks are need to install iris and fingerprint scanners to expedite enrollment for Aadhar for those persons, who wants to open new bank accounts. The Supreme court extends the date till 31st March 2018 for linking your bank account with the Aadhar card. As per the Supreme court instructions, without Aadhar, new bank accounts can be opened but applicants require to show the proof of Aadhar enrollment. Thus, people who are not enrolled for Aadhar will receive Aadhar number by this scheme and they will get benefits of various government schemes by linking their bank account with the Aadhar card. Till now, more than three thousand Aadhar enrollment centers have been setup by the different banks throughout the country and the banks needs to setup Aadhar enrollment facility in fourteen thousand bank branches.

Aadhar Enrollment Form

You can download Aadhar card enrollment form online in Hindi or English by visiting the websites i.e. https://nsdl.co.in/downloadables/pdf/Aadhaar-Enrolment-Form_Hindi.pdf or https://nsdl.co.in/downloadables/pdf/Aadhaar-Enrolment-Form_English.pdf.

The Aadhar enrollment form can be used for correcting the information of an existing Aadhar number or for apply a new Aadhar number. In the Aadhar enrollment form, you need to fill the basic information about yourself.

Aadhar Card Charges

Aadhar card services are provided for free and has no charges or fees associated with them.

Get More Information Regarding Aadhar Card

UIDAI or Unique Identification Authority of India is a central government agency, and also related to the planning commission of India is the main authority for issuing Aadhar or Unique Identification Number (UIN). It collects demographic and biometric data of people residing in India and issues Aadhar number and stores the biometric data in a centralized database. To check the status of your Aadhar card you need to visit the link https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-aadhaar.

How You Can Update Your Address in Aadhar Online

Aadhar is an identity card issued by the government. It contains your demographic and biometric information. But sometimes it happens that there are some mistakes in your address in Aadhar card. UIDAI offers an online tool which helps you in updating your address on Aadhar online. If the address provided by you on your Aadhar card requires an update? This can be easily done by using internet. You can download Aadhar card data update form online by visiting the link https://uidai.gov.in/images/UpdateRequestFormV5.pdf.

Documents Needed for Address Change in Aadhar

To update or change the address in Aadhar, persons are required to upload scanned images of self-attested copies of address proof for correction or updating the address. The necessary documents for address change are landline telephone bill, water bill, driving license, voter id card, ration card, statement of Post Office passbook/account, bank passbook/statement, and passport etc. As per the UIDAI instructions, the bills for electricity, telephone and water are not older than three months. As per the UIDAI website, submission of update information does not give the guarantee that your Aadhar card data is updated.

Steps to Update Address in Aadhar Card Online

  • For updating Aadhar card online, you require to visit the link given below. https://ssup.uidai.gov.in/ssup/login.html.
  • The next step is to enter the Aadhar number and verification of text. Now, click on “Send OTP”.
  • Next, input the OTP which you received in your registered mobile number and click on “Login”. Then choose the necessary correction and click on the “Submit” button.
  • Modify the incorrect detail and then you need to click on submit update request.
  • The next step is to upload necessary valid document and click on Submit. Then you need to click on Yes button.
  • Choose BPO service provider and click on Submit.
  • It displays you an URN (Update Request Number). Take a note of this number for checking the status of Aadhar card update.

How to Check Status of Aadhar Card Update?

  • To check the Aadhar card update status, you need to visit the website https://resident.uidai.gov.in/check-aadhaar.
  • Input here, the URN number and twelve-digit Aadhar number and click on “Get Status” button. Now you can view that your Aadhar card is updated or not.
  • You can also send the SMS, UID STATUS <14-digit enrollment number> to 51969 and get the status by text message.

How You Can Download the E Aadhar Card?

  • For this you need to visit the website https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/.
  • Now select the option “I have Enrollment ID”.
  • Next, input the time, date and enrollment id. Then enter your name.
  • Now, input the six digits PIN Code.
  • Input captcha code which is displayed on the screen.
  • The next step is to enter your registered mobile number.
  • Now click on “Get One Time Password” and enter the OTP which you received on your registered mobile number.
  • The final step is to click on “Validate” and you can easily download the E Aadhar card in the PDF format.

How to Get Aadhar on Your Mobile Number?

How to Retrieve Your Lost UID/EID?

  • To retrieve your lost Aadhar Number (UID) or Enrolment Number (EID), you need to visit the website https://resident.uidai.gov.in/lost-uideid.
  • The next step is to enter your name, email ID, registered mobile number and captcha code to get the OTP (One Time Password).
  • Enter the OTP to retrieve your lost UID or EID.

How to Link Your Voter ID Card with The Aadhar Card?

Steps to link your voter id with Aadhar card are given below: -

  • First, you require to visit the official Aadhar card linking webpage and fill the essential fields.
  • Then on the left, you need to click on the alternative “Feed Aadhar Card”.
  • A window is open and you need to enter the details such as email ID, registered mobile number, Aadhar number, voter ID card number, and your name etc.
  • The final step is to click on the “Submit” button.
  • Congrats! Your request is registered.
  • OR you can also send the SMS ECLINK to 51969 or 166 for linking your voter id card with Aadhar number.

How to Link Your Mobile Number with Aadhar?

To link your mobile number with the Aadhar, you need to visit the website of your mobile service provider. The next step is to follow the necessary instructions to link the mobile number with Aadhar.

Aadhar Card Is Also Very Useful for Tracking Benami Property

The Indian Government has made it mandatory to link your property with Aadhar. This move will help government in restricting black money and find out all the benami property and will helping the common man of India.

Stop Duplicity by Linking Insurance Policies with Aadhar

IRDA (Insurance Regulator and Development Authority of India) has made it compulsory to link the Aadhar number with the insurance policies owned by you.

Using Aadhar Card You Can Book Twelve Railways Tickets in A Month

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) announced recently, that by using the Aadhar card a person can book twelve railway tickets in a month. But those customers who are not in possession of the Aadhar card can only book six tickets. Therefore, many customers are linked their respective Aadhar numbers with their IRCTC account.

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