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Under the Quality Control and Inspection Act, 1963, the export inspection agency issues an inspection certificate which means that the consignment is properly inspected. Export Inspection Council control the export inspection agency.

Export Inspection Agency

Under the council of export promotion, there are around 40 sub offices. These offices are engaged actively in certification, inspection of shipment and quality control with various laboratories across the country. The 40 sub offices are involved in in-process quality control, scheme of self-certification, and consignment wise inspection.

All the activities of certification and inspection are performed via the export inspection agency. The export inspection agency follows a systematic approach or a consignment wise inspection to include food safety management systems-based certifications, self-certification and in-process quality control.

There are two kinds of origin certificates in India. The chamber of commerce issued the first origin and the export inspection agency issued the second origin. Some customs of the importing countries want both of them for certifying the origin of goods country.

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Manufacturer exporters are promoted by the export inspection council to apply the top-quality system of management to create a steady product quality to fulfil the specification of the buyers to gain buyers confidence. Take an example, from India, if you wish to export hot steel rolled coil, then you need to perform its export inspection and need to have an inspection certificate.

Origin Certificate

Via the origin certificate, concessions are expanded for the stock originating in certain countries.

Systems of Export Certification

  1. Certifications based on Food Safety Management Systems: This type of certification has associated with many international standards like good management practices, general health practices, and hazard analysis critical control point in the areas like honey, poultry products, milk products, egg products, and fishery and fish products.
  2. Self-Certification: The permission for self-certification is given by the export inspection council of India and director (inspection and quality control). This permission is given to manufacturers of marine products, chemical and allied products and engineering products. The self-certification is offered on the condition that an exporter judge his products quality and will offers good quality products in the market.
  3. In-Process quality control: This kind of inspection is performed during many production stages. It is mostly performed for engineering products. After the unit’s inspection, inspection certificate is issued to the product to give in-process quality control facilities. The final end-products inspection certificate is offered without detailed analysis during the stage of shipment.
  4. Consignment Wise Inspection: Under this kind of inspection, each consignment of export is tested and inspected by the recognized inspection agencies. On the rationale of statistical plans of sampling, samples are taken. These samples are then tested and inspected for confirming the products conformity to the recommended standards. After the inspection, if the agency satisfies, then it issued a certificate of inspection.

Export Inspection Agency Services

Export inspection agency is renowned for its technically qualified manpower, forty years of experience of inspection of commodities notified and control of quality. This will also include testing according to the specifications of the foreign buyers and international standards.

The export inspection agency also issues the GSP (Generalized System of Preference) origin certificate. The offices of the export inspection agency are situated in all the main cities in India to assist exporters in top quality maintenance to fulfill the entire needs and specifications of buyers to get excellent exporter’s quality management system.

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To get origin certificate for the GSP, an individual requires to apply with agency of the export inspection. The individual need to apply before the movement of goods physically according to their particular request form commercial invoice copy. This copy need to be signed by the authorized signatory.

After collecting and confirming essential charges, the documents are certified by the export inspection agency and this agency issued the GSP certificate along with origin certificate with commercial invoices attested copy. You can get certificate of GSP electronically or via online.

After electronically filing, the documents hard copies need to be submit with concerned office of the council of export inspection. After paying the requisite charges you will get the GSP certificate.

  • Services such as laboratory testing
  • For export products, exporters get origin certificate under various schemes of preferential tariff.
  • Food items quality certificate for export via food safety management systems installation in units of food processing according to the international standards.
  • Issued various kinds of certificates to the exporters like authenticity, and health under different schemes of product for export.
  • Laboratories recognition according to the ISO 17025 and inspection agencies recognition according to the ISO 17020. These can be used for testing and inspection of export.
  • Export commodities quality certificate via quality assurance systems installation (self-certification and in-process quality control) in the inspection consignment wise and units of exporting.
  • While providing the above services, EIAs are supported by technically qualified manpower, and it has experience of about forty years of inspection and control of quality of commodities notified including testing according to the specifications of the foreign buyers, importing countries standards, or the international standards.
  • Technical support and training to industry for quality and safety management systems installation.

Registration of Export Inspection Agency

The registration of export inspection agency is performed online. In the online procedure, the export inspection agency can be registered after fulfilling some conditions and terms.

Quality Control and Export Inspection Certificates

For the proper development of the trade such as export, the pre-shipment inspection and quality control is mandatory. The Indian government created export inspection council under Export or Quality Control and Inspection Act, 1963, Section 3, for pre-shipment and control of the quality. To supplement its needed activities, export inspection council appointed laboratories and agencies.

For the commodities notification for this act of certification authorize the Central Government to specify the minimum manner and the standards. Under this act, the government already notified one thousand commodities. It covers different sectors like steel products, minerals, footwear, textiles, food and agricultural products, engineering products, rubber products, pesticides, fishery, ceramic products, and chemicals etc.

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