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Overview of Zoho Books GST Software

Launched by Zoho Corporation, Zoho Books GST Software is a cloud based accounting software and has earned its name as a smart accounting system which is designed for growing businesses. Technology world is ever changing and with new sun, there is something new and dynamic happening in the world of technology in terms of innovations and accounting software is not untouched by it. Today, cloud based softwares are taking over earlier famous desktop based accounting softwares and a quick review of basic difference between desktop based and cloud based accounting softwares is as below:

  • A desktop based accounting software restricts its users to one desktop only because all data are stored in that particular desktop, which is obviously not a viable option in today’s digital age of mobiles, internet etc and that’s where cloud based computing software pitch in, where the data is stored in a centralized database which can be accessed from any place at any time from any device.
  • A desktop based accounting software is quite vulnerable and can be easily affected by malware and viruses whereas data stored in a cloud based computing software is secure against malware and viruses.

Zoho Books GST is one such cloud based accounting software and has become an instant hit amongst businesses mainly because it is quite easy to use and does not requires an extensive training and thus a person with zero or very less knowledge can also use Zoho Books GST. Features such as contact management, invoices, expenses, sales and purchase orders, project time tracking, inventory management makes it even more attractive. Also, Zoho Books GST has its mobile application for all the major operating systems such as Android, iOS and Windows, which gives its users the access to their finances on the go.

Features of Zoho Books GST Software

Zoho Books GST offer quite a lot of interesting features to its users and a comprehensive list of its features are as below:


Sales Order

Mobile Apps

Purchase Order

Exhaustive Reports


Collaborative Client Portal


Invoice Templates

Contact Management

Project Management



Inventory Management

Online Payments

Project Time Tracking


  • Dashboard: One of the most important features of Zoho Books GST is its dashboard where you can get a quick snapshot of your business starting from cash flow to top expenses. Also it has “Getting Started” button at the top right, which facilitates a quick virtual tour of the main features of the software and take you through the process of how to create your first transaction, connect your bank account and set up your own system preferences. The easy and logical interface of dashboard makes it quite easy to use and with the help of charts and graphs displayed on the dashboard, you can have a fair idea of your business processes such as cash flow, receivables, payables, expenses, projects and bank accounts.
  • Project management: Project management feature of Zoho Books GST allows you to assign project to your customers and monitor them from your end. You can choose from four types of billing rates and record time entries individually for each customer.
  • Billing: Zoho Books GST allows you to create your quotes and send them to your customers for their approval and once approved you can convert them into invoices. Also it saves you from chasing your customers for the payment by enabling its automated invoices reminder, which sets up reminders for your customers on your behalf. Its features like multi currency, recurring invoices for your regular customers, verification of transactions before sending them and collection of deposits and advance payments make Zoho Books GST quite a hit amongst small businesses.
  • GST: GST portal of Zoho Books GST allows you to file your GST returns and helps to manage your business finances. In the GST settings, you can set your GST account simply by entering GSTIN, username and a start date, with the help of which Zoho Books GST will compile your taxable transactions. Also its GST features detect the transactions and helps you create your invoice as per the government mandates. Zoho Books GST accounting software simplifies GST filing by calculating all the GST that you owe and the amount that can be reclaimed in reports.
  • Banking: The banking module of Zoho Books GST is quite a hit amongst its user mainly because it saves them from doing manual entry of data and you can also know the whereabouts of your money and thus makes reconciliation an easy process. It helps you to stay on top of your account activities by making precise cash flow predictions on its banking dashboard. Also, when you have thousands of transactions to manage, it is quite humane to miss out on a couple of them, however bulk actions of banking module of Zoho Books GST, you can easily select, categorize, delete and restore multiple items.

Pros and Cons of Zoho Books GST Accounting Software

Like every good thing out there in the world, Zoho Books GST also has its two sides; good and not-so-good one.

Some of the interesting and good features of Zoho Books GST are as below:

  • It helps you to manage all your money; which you have to receive from your customers and which you have to pay to your vendors.
  • Its “Reminder” feature allows you to set up reminders and thus keep you on track and not to miss out on any of the important tasks.
  • Its timesaving features help you to complete your accounting tasks effortlessly, such as it allows you to schedule when you want the reports to be generated as in weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually and in desired format. It has more than 40 reports built in to it such as general ledger, profit and loss, sales by item, timesheet details, aged receivables and payables.
  • It is compatible with more than one payment gateways and thus provides you will a much desired flexibility, if you are dealing in multi-currency. Some of the compatible payment gateways include PayPal, Braintree, Stripe and Square.
  • Integrated Suite feature of Zoho Books GST allows you to integrate with its CRM, Zoho Reports and other Finance Suite Applications.
  • Mobile App of Zoho Books GST is available for iOS, Android and Windows users and also for tablets and smart watches and thus allows you to create invoices, run reports, capture receipts, record expenses etc while you are on the go.
  • The template gallery of Zoho Books GST has more invoice customization options then most of its competitors and thus you have a freehand to choose from more than 16 templates as per preferred language and font. It also allows you to add your own logo, background image, background color, accents, name of your company, customer’s name etc.
  • Zoho Books GST accounting software comes with robust and restful API and thus it is well-integrated and is not typical for accounting systems.

Cons of Zoho Books GST Accounting Software

As mentioned above, Zoho Books GST gives a freehand to its users by offering lot of functionality at an affordable price; however before you start with its subscription, it is important for you to understand it completely, because where on one side it offers a cap of 5,000 transactions per month on its highest plan, on the other side it restricts your transactions, if you are a fast growing business. Also features such as fixed asset management features which includes calculation of depreciation of fixed assets such as depreciation of computers, equipment and office furniture.

Zoho Books GST Software FAQ's

Although Zoho Books GST is an easy to understand software, however its users do get stuck from time to time and have certain questions to proceed further with it. Some of the most frequently asked questions related to its various modules are as below:

You have to click on the bell-shaped icon on the top right corner of the dashboard and it will notify you for all of your customer activities such as to accept or decline of an estimate; to view an estimate or invoice or retainer invoice etc.
In order to import a bank statement, select the banking tab on the dashboard and click on the Import Statement after you have selected your bank account.
You need recurring bills when you have to make payments which are periodic are nature such as electricity bill.
In order to convert an estimate into an invoice, follow the below steps:
  • From the Sales tab, click on the Estimates tab and select the estimate you wish to convert into an invoice.
  • Click on Convert to Invoice.
Follow the below mentioned steps in order to change font in PDF:
  • Select More Settings by clicking on the Gear icon on the top right.
  • Select your default template from the Templates sub-tab and click on Edit.
  • Choose the desired font under Template properties and saves your changes for future use.

Final Thoughts on Zoho Books GST

As mentioned above, Zoho Books GST accounting software streamlines most of the accounting tasks and also organizes all types of transactions on the same platform and the reasons why a business should subscribe for the software are as below:

It helps engage customers: Not many accounting softwares are well versed in how to engage their customers; however Zoho Books GST is packed with such features and makes sure that the customers are as engaged in the payment process as the vendor.

You can track and manage all projects by entering the amount of time you are spending on a particular project and thus can use its features to track down your expenses as per the projects. It not only gives you a fair idea of where you stand project wise.

What makes Zoho Books GST more popular as compared to its competitors is its inventory management module which helps you to stay in control of orders and stocks in real time.

Its multi-lingual features make Zoho Books GST ideal accounting software for businesses which are operating globally. It can be used in English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Chinese, Brazilian and Japanese.

Also one doesn’t need to spend hours to get in-depth insights of your business and a quick glance at the dashboard would do the trick for you.


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