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Telemarketing Registration in India

Any person involved in telemarketing activity needs to register himself for telemarketing registration. Telemarketing registration is mandatory in many states of India. Every telemarketer or call center has to mandatorily complete the telemarketing registration before calling into or from those states.

Telemarketing registration may also refer to industry specific registrations. Some of the states in India require additional registration for telemarketers who sell business opportunities. Telemarketing registration refers to several different things –

  • Registration with state do not call lists.
  • Registration with the national do not call lists.
  • Registration with different states that issue state telemarketing licenses.

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Do I really need to comply with telemarketing registration requirement?

It totally depends upon the factors that determine whether telemarketing registration you are opting includes the following –

  1. To whom you are calling?
  2. Where you are calling from?
  3. What type of product or service you are selling?
  4. Whether you are using an auto dialer or manually dialing the numbers?
  5. Whether you qualify for an exemption?
  6. Whether you use any type of prize promotion?

General Guidelines For Telemarketing Registration

The guidelines for telemarketing registration are as follows –
  • Telemarketer needs to apply for telemarketing registration through department of telecommunications (DOT) or any other agency authorized by department of telecommunication (DOT).
  • Each telemarketing center should be registered location wise separately.
  • A telemarketer can do multiple registrations.
  • A telemarketer should pay processing fees of Rs.5000 per telemarketing centre.
  • The telemarketing registration is valid for 10 years and can be renewed thereafter.
  • Telemarketer should inform department of telecommunication within 15 days in case of change in any information

Compliance To Directions/Orders

The telemarketer has to comply with the following –

  • Orders or directions issued by department of telecommunication.
  • Guidelines for telemarketer.
  • Order or directions or regulations issued by TRAI in relation to unsolicited commercial communication.

Transfer of Telemarketing Registration

There are some restrictions imposed by department of telecommunication (DOT) on transfer of registration. A tele-marketer cannot transfer this registration directly or indirectly to any third party without the written consent of department of telecommunication. A telemarketer cannot enter into an agreement for sub-leasing and/or partnership related to any subject matter of the registration to any third party (wholly or partly).

Suspension of Telemarketing Registration

The department of telecommunication, ministry of communications and information technology has full right to suspend the operation of this registration at any time, if in the opinion of DOT, it is necessary to suspend the operations in public interest or in interest of the security of the state or for proper conduct of the telegraph. In case the situation is worse, DOT doesn’t even issue a notice to the telemarketers asking them to defend. In such cases, the decision of department of telecommunication is final.

Surrendering of Telemarketing Registration

A telemarketer may also surrender his registration by giving 30 days’ notice to department of telecommunication (DOT)

Termination of Telemarketing Registration

A telemarketer registration may be terminated in case he fails to comply with the registration guidelines.

Procedure Of Telemarketing Registration

The procedure of telemarketing registration is as follows –

  1. In the first step, you need to approach the service provider to get the provisional certificate along with the application form (TM-1)
  2. After submitting the application, the acknowledgement will be issued by the service provider; you will treat the same as provisional registration. It is issued for the period of 3 months. With the help of provisional registration, the telemarketer is authorized to do telemarketing activities during this 3 months period.
  3. Later, telemarketing registration will be issued by the DOT which is valid for 10 years.
  4. In the fourth step, Telemarketer has to make arrangements to get the calling list cleaned by national do not call (NDNC) registry of NIC as per laid down procedures.
  5. Telemarketer should be responsible for arranging resources for data connectivity to NDNC.

Penalties for Telemarketer

Telemarketer who fails to comply with both federal and state laws will have to face fines & penalties from the department of telecommunication (DOT).

How Finacbooks help in Telemarketing Registration in India?

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Telemarketing Registration FAQ’S

Any person involved in telemarketing activities has to mandatorily apply for telemarketing registration before calling into or from those states.
Department of telecommunication (DOT) issues telemarketing registration certificate.
A telemarketer has to pay Rs.5000 as processing fees per telemarketing centre.
The telemarketing registration is valid for 10 years.

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