Provident Fund Registration

All those people who are working in Public-sector, Private or Government sector organizations, EPF or Employee Provident Fund is the most important platform for the savings in a country like India. EPFO (Employee Provident Fund Organization) implements the EPF.

Employee Provident Fund is that kind of scheme which offers benefits of the retirement to the employee, and for all the salaried employees EPF scheme is applicable. All those organizations or the companies which are having more than twenty employees including permanent as well as the temporary employees, EPF registration is mandatory.

Those organizations where the total number of employees is less than 20, they can register voluntarily for the EPF (Employee Provident Fund). Companies having more than twenty employees require to register themselves within one month. If there is some delay in the registration for the Employee Provident Fund, then some penalties are applicable on that company.

The twenty employees also include contractual employees such as security, housekeeping and other contractual employees of the business. All those co-operative societies whose employee strength is fifty or more, they require to register themselves for the EPF (Employee Provident Fund).

The registered organizations come under the regulations and rules of the act and these rules and the regulations are still applicable on them when their employee strength is less than the minimum number of employees.

The employer need to register themselves either online or offline. It is best for the employer if they register via the online mode. From the official portal of the Employees Provident Fund Organization i.e., the employer can download the form of the registration.

Employees Provident Fund Eligibility

An employee who is getting a monthly salary up to Rs, 15000 need to become a member.

The monthly salary includes Basic allowances, Dearness allowances, and the food concession cash value and the retaining allowances, if applicable.

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Important information for Employee Provident Fund

For successful registration for the Employee Provident Fund, the employer requires to provide the following information.

  1. 1

    Address and name of the company

  2. 2Information of the branch and the head office

  3. 3Registration or incorporation date of the company

  4. 4

    Details related to the total employee strength of the company

  5. 5

    Type of activities the enterprise or business is engaged in i.e. service, production, manufacturing etc.

  6. 6

    Legal information regarding the company legal status, for example if it is a society, partnership firm, public or private company etc.

  7. 7

    Information of the owner including the address and designation of the partners and the Directors

  8. 8

    Information regarding the employee’s wages for example, total salary paid to the employee for a month

  9. 9

    Bank details of the company

  10. 10

    Details of PAN

  11. 11

    Employee basic details like salary, joining date and name etc.

  12. 12

    A form named as “Proforma for Coverage” requires to be filled. This form contains the information mentioned above to complete the registration process.

  13. 13

    To finish all the formalities, the employers require to submit form 5A with Annexure 1

Documents needed for Provident Fund registration

Certain documents require to be given by employers for the registration process of Employee Provident Fund. For successful registration, the complete list of documents is given below.

Details of the Balance sheet

Employees salary details

Deed of partnership

DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

Company PAN details

Registration certificate copy of the societies

All the necessary legal documents needed under the Act of Income Tax

Copy of the objectives and rules of the society require to provide by the society

Incorporation certificate issued by the Registrar of Companies of the Private or Public Limited Company

Partnership deed copy of the company, if the company is a partnership firm

Incorporation proof – license issued by the authorities/invoice of first sales

Articles of Association and Memorandum of Association of the Private and Public limited companies

Frequently Asked Questions

A company whose employee strength is twenty or more is need to be register with the department of the PF.
The whole process of the EPF is online and therefore, you don’t require to be present physically for EPF registration.
No, there is no need to pay any other fee apart from the registration fee.
The time required for EPF registration is 4 to 5 working days.
For the provident fund account, employers require to contribute 12% of the basic salary and of the 12% contribution of the employee, 8.33% is for Pension scheme and 3.67% is for provident fund contribution.

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