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Payroll Services for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in India

Running a payroll system is difficult and a time consuming process. To make this task easy, many small businesses are shifting to the online payroll services to pay employees right salary at the right time. It is a crucial task to maintain the records of employees working in your organization. There are many activities which we have to perform to manage the payroll of a company. It includes salary amount, deduction of tax on salary, paying the taxes to the government, keeping track of emp0loyees leaves per month, generation of pay slips, increment etc.

Now days, many small businesses are opting for online payroll service to make their payroll work simple and much more convenient. An online payroll service operates in the cloud system and company doesn’t need any software to be installed or maintained. A business person can manage the company’s payroll system from anywhere and from any place. This system can be used to pay full time & part time employees, contractors, freelancers etc.

Handling payroll system is quite a difficult task and many companies outsource this system to concentrate on other business activities. Payroll management is something we can’t ignore as you have to pay your employees for their work correctly and on time.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation

Document Preparation

Application Drafting

Government Fees

Payroll Services – Ideal For Small & Medium Businesses

Online payroll service is the most efficient service for managing the payroll of the company. It automatically calculates the amount employer has to pay to its employees every month as a salary. It also deducts amount for other healthcare and social security benefits. An online payroll service handles all payroll tax responsibilities of the company too. It includes filling of the required paperwork, withholding the proper amount of funds, making the necessary payment to each local, state and federal agency. You can have access to business online payroll service from anywhere and at any time. You can log in by using any web browser to check employee information, input payroll, payroll report etc.

Many online payroll companies offer additional services to small as well as medium sized businesses and they are as follows -

  1. Worker’s compensation insurance
  2. New hire reporting
  3. Time & attendance solutions
  4. Retirement savings plans
  5. Paid time off management

Benefits Of Using New Payroll System

There are many benefits of using the new payroll system –

  • Easy to use
  • Cost efficient
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Use it anytime, anywhere
  • Assistance throughout the entire life cycle of the employee
  • Error free documentation & reports
  • Low risk of penalties due to non-compliance
  • All employee issues are handled with utmost care
  • Speedy and efficient resolution
  • Strict adherence to statutory & compliance requirements
  • Easy decision making by checking data reports
  • Reimbursement management
  • Web based leave solution
  • Automated attendance , leave import/export solution

Payroll System and Services FAQ’S

Businesses can opt for new payroll service anytime and anywhere but it is better to switch at the end of a calendar quarter as it can save some extra work of your business.
No, this business online service is not a costly affair anymore.

What Clients Say

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Prakash Verma

Prakash Verma

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Praveen Chauhan

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Pradeep Kochhar

“Finacbooks.com is a trusted network of highly qualified accounting professionals who not only provided us quality accountancy services but also supported us by answering our each & every query on time without any delay. “

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