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FCC Certification in India

FCC stands for federal communication commission. It is a certification mark employed on the electronic products manufactured or sold in the United States. It certifies and ensures that the electromagnetic interference from the device is below the limit prescribed by federal communication commission. It is approved by FCC.

All devices that are intentional radiators in the FCC frequency spectrum must apply for FCC certification. This certification is given to reduce the level of radio frequency interference between electronic devices. Their work is to ensure that any electronic device or piece of equipment should not interfere with other electronic products. It is beneficial for the safety of American public.

FCC is created to make control over all forms of telecommunication inside US i.e. Radio, television, Bluetooth, digital cameras, wireless devices & broad gamut of rf electronics. As long as the electronic device is tested to meet the standards set by FCC and FCC emission rules and regulations, the approval is granted to them by FCC.

FCC certification may be confusing sometimes for manufacturers and electronic distribution companies. In case you are a manufacturer, distributor or a testing center and searching for any information related to FCC electronics & rf compliance, Finacbooks is always ready to help your company by providing each and every information related to FCC electronics and rf compliances. Call us today at 8800221252 or e-mail us at info@finacbooks.com to certify your product and sold the same in the United States without any confusion.

Which Products Require an FCC Certificate?

Radio frequency equipment’s that are sold or distributed in United States needs to go through testing in order to meet the standards set up FCC.

When radio frequency equipment goes through a testing process, it limits both intentional and unintentional electromagnetic radiations release from the equipment to keep users safe from it.

Finacbooks can help your company in getting FCC certificate for various types of rf releasing devices –

  • Electronic devices
  • Mobile phones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Walkie talkie
  • Remote control transmitter
  • Land mobile radio transmitters
  • Cordless telephones
  • Atmospheres
  • Power adapters
  • IT equipment
  • Telecommunication equipment
  • Radio & telecommunications terminal equipment
  • Wireless local area networking equipment
  • Equipment & protective systems intended for use in potentially explosive
  • Electromagnetic compatibility devices
  • Other electronic products

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FCC authorization

Once a company product is ready to be mass produced and sold to consumers, it marks the beginning of FCC authorization process. The device is tested by FCC to check whether it may cause interference with other electronic products and it is under the prescribed limit or not.

The three options for authorizations under FC are as follows –


The easiest method of authorization in order to obtain FCC certificate is verification. This process is used for digital products containing part 15 components in order to obtain FCC part 15 certification. Device identified as part 15 means that the device either does not contain a radio or contains an already approved radio. The devices containing part 15 components only require FCC verification. There is no need to receive approval as well as no need to employ a certified FCC logo on the product in this case.

Conformity declaration (47 CFR section 2.906)

It is the second easiest authorization to be made after verification in order to obtain FCC certification. It is used to test devices that contain components of personal computers or peripherals of personal computers. Products that require conformity declaration are considered as FCC part 18 devices. FCC part 18 devices must undergo testing in an accredited laboratory to measure the levels of radio frequency releasing from the product in order to receive DOC approvals. After testing, DOC approval is given to the products which are in compliance with FCC regulations and product is employed with FCC logo.

Certification (47 CFR section 2.907) –

It is the hardest authorization approval to achieve. The devices under this category have the potential to release the highest amount of radio frequency interference and are very harmful for the public. FCC certification for these radio frequency devices must be authorized and issued by the official telecommunication certification body (TCB). TCB analyzes the product documentation and FCC test results after the required testing of the product.

FCC certification process

FCC certification process is as follows –

  • Step 1 – Radio frequency selection & design equipment – In the first step, learn about the frequencies which are legally open to you. Make your equipment or device with FCC’s current guidelines. The factors you have to consider are mentioned below –
    • Radio range
    • Size
    • Propagation
    • Power consumption
    • Optimization
  • Step 2 – Test during development – In the second step, you have to perform as many pre-compliance in-house tests as you can at the time of developing the product to ensure that everything is going in the right direction. You can also utilize a 3rd party lab like MET.
  • Step 3 – FCC registration – You can go for FCC registration online to get FCC registration number. Kindly go to FCC’s main page and provide your business address with the contact information. You will get an FRN and the ability to request a mandatory grantee code. Nominal charges will apply.
  • Step 4 – Selection of test lab - After getting FRN & grantee code, you need to contact FCC registered testing facility. Before selecting a testing lab, make sure that your lab partner should be experienced, responsive and can easily handle your all testing needs. Quality, testing facilities and capabilities may vary from lab to lab. Therefore, we recommend you to work with MET.
  • Step 5 – Compliance test – Deliver a production ready proto-type and its technical specifications to the selected lab partner. Depending on the product complexity, testing can run from a couple of days to a couple of weeks.
  • Certification & filing – After completing the test successfully, office telecommunication certification body will analyze the test documentation & FCC test result and issue certification to you on behalf of FCC. Then, TCB uploads your information on FCC database and FCC lists your product on its approval list. TCB will send you a grant of equipment which gives you permission to legally market and sell your product in the US.

Benefits of FCC

The benefits of FCC certification are as follows –

  1. 1

    It is beneficial for the safety of American public

  2. 2It helps in increasing the sales of the electronic products of a company.

  3. 3FCC certification mark ensures meeting of standards and influences the customer to purchase these electronic products more than the products without FCC certification

  4. 4FCC certification mark on electronic products indicates that these products are tested and verified by FCC and guarantees no risk.

FCC Regulations

FCC standards depend upon the type of radio frequency releasing device which is being tested. FCC provides different standards, rules & regulations and testing for different radio frequency devices to obtain certification. Testing is broken into different product categories such as FCC part 11, FCC part 15 certification, Part 18, Part 22, part 24, part 68, part 90 & part 95. The most commonly used device approval is for FCC part 15 certification in which regulations are set for television receivers.


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