EPR stands for extended producer responsibility. Extended producer responsibility is the responsibility of every producer producing electrical or electronic equipment’s to move or shift the e-waste to an authorized dismantler or recycler to ensure environmentally sound management of such waste. It is approved and authorized by Central pollution control board (CPCB) whose main responsibility is to grant, renew or refuse EPR and provide authorization to producers of electrical or electronic equipment’s. EPR concept is introduced to support improved collection, recycling & treatment of waste.

EPR authorization is mandatory and must be obtained by all the producers including importers, e-retailers/online sellers such as e-bay, Flipkart, Amazon etc. for electrical and electronic equipment’s covered in e-waste. A producer can implement its EPR by setting collection centers or through take back system or both for moving or shifting e-waste/end of life products to authorized dismantler’s or recycler’s.

In order to move or shift the e-waste, producers need to make preparations by associating themselves with authorized dismantler’s/recycler’s individually or collectively or through a producer responsibility organization (PR0).

Rules Applicability

These rules are applicable to every producer, consumer or bulk consumer, collection center, dismantler & recycler of e-waste involved in the manufacturing, purchase, sale and processing of electrical & electronic equipment’s mentioned in Schedule-1.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation

Document Preparation

Application Drafting

Government Fees

Documents Required for EPR Authorization

For proprietary concern

Proprietor/authorized signatory KYC

For private/public limited company

All the above listed documents

Rent/lease/proof of the site.

Certificate of incorporation

GST certificate

Company’s PAN card

IEC code

Memorandum of association (MOA)

Excel sheet containing details of items imported

Board declaration for authorized signatory

EPR (E-waste) product list

The below given product list contains product name, product code and its average life. List of products that are covered under EPR registration are as follows –

Product category (Electrical & electronic equipment)

Sr. No Product category (Electrical &  electronic equipment) EEE Code Average Life
1 Information technology and telecommunication equipment    
  Centralized data processing: ITEW1  
  Mainframe   10 Years
  Minicomputer   5 Years
2 Personal  Computing:  Personal Computers (Central Processing Unit with input and output devices) ITEW2 6 Years
3 Personal Computing: Laptop Computer(Central Processing Unit with input and output devices) ITEW3 5 Years
4 Personal Computing: Notebook Computers ITEW4 5 Years
5 Personal Computing: Notepad Computers ITEW5 5 Years
6 Printers including cartridges ITEW6 10 Years
7 Copying equipment ITEW7 8 Years
8 Electrical and electronic typewriters ITEW8 5 Years
9 User terminals and systems ITEW9 6 Years
10 Facsimile ITEW10 10 Years
11 Telex ITEW11 5 Years
12 Telephones ITEW12 9 Years
13 Pay telephones ITEW13 9 Years
14 Cordless telephones ITEW14 9 Years
15 Cellular telephones : ITEW15  
  Feature phones   7 Years
  Smart phones   5 Years
  16 Answering systems ITEW16 5 Years

Consumer electrical and electronics

Sr. No Categories  of  electrical  and  electronic Equipment EEE Code Average Life
1 Television sets (including sets based on Liquid Crystal  Display  and  Light  Emitting  Diode technology) CEEW1 9 Years
2 Refrigerator CEEW2 10 Years
3 Washing Machine CEEW3 9 Years
4 Air-conditioners   excluding   centralized   air conditioning plants CEEW4 10 Years
5 Fluorescent  and  other  Mercury  containing lamps CEEW5 2 Years