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Overview of Busy GST Software

Choosing right accounting software for your business requires a thorough understanding of your business segment and size. Accounting software is nothing but a class of computer programs that enable you to manage your business’s financial transactions and help the companies to manage their resources efficiently. Features such as accuracy, speed, reduced overall costs, generation of accurate reports, timely filing of taxes are must in any accounting software, however with the introduction of GST i.e. one nation one tax, compliance with its mandate has become the priority and most desirable feature in any accounting software. While most of the accounting software are working round the clock to include GST compliance in their existing features, few of them are much ahead in the game, such as BUSY GST software.

Developed and launched by Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd, BUSY software was launched at IT’ Asia in the year 1994 and ever since then, it has earned its base with some of famous names such as Amity Business School, Delhi Public School, Children Book Trust, LG Chemicals, Wembley Laboratories, LG Chemicals, Asian Paints, Plaza Cables, Baron International, Essel Shyam Communication, Archana Airways, World Bank, India International Center, All India Management Association (AIMA) to name a few. The promoters of BUSY software includes names such as Harish Chander, Dinesh Kumar Gupta and Rajesh Gupta who also holds positions of Chairman, Managing Director and Director respectively.

Having more than 3, 00,000 licenses sold worldwide, BUSY software is an integrated business accounting software designed specifically for micro, small and medium businesses in order to help them manage their business efficiently. It has earned its name in the accounting world and is known for empowering the small and medium enterprises with unique and enriched accounting and inventory features. BUSY GST software is known as one of the leading business accounting softwares in India and is leading the game with its enriched features and modules such as financial accounting (multi-currency), fully user-configurable invoicing, sales/purchase order processing, multi-location inventory management, production/bill of material, user-configurable documents and letters, user-configurable columns in reports, MIS reports and its analysis, payroll management, service tax and TDS, Mfg or trading excise registers, user-configurable columns in reports, state-specific CST/VAT reports etc.

Busy GST software comes in three variants, each having a different cost attached to it, namely Busy Basic Version; Busy Standard Version and Busy Enterprise Version for Rs 7200, Rs 13,500 and Rs 19,800 respectively. Each variant has its own specific features and its basic variant is the most basic one and features such as payment reminder letters, royalty calculation etc are not included in it whereas its standard and enterprise versions are more advanced and have features such user-configurable final results (enterprise variant) and party-wise price structure for items/item groups, (standard).

Every module of the software has number of features in it which makes it unique and desirable in the business world. For example its multi-location inventory module has features such as item consumption analysis, Challan management, item details printing, order processing, production planning etc. Features under its accounting reports module are account ledger, bank reconciliation, depreciation handling and chart, multi-currency, royalty calculation and reporting to name a few.

Features of Busy GST Software

BUSY software is known for its enriched features. Salient features and sub-features of BUSY GST software are as mentioned:

  • Invoicing: Developers of BUSY software have made sure to develop this module in a way so that it can cater for most of the invoicing related requirements such as GST invoicing, multiple taxes in single invoice, tax inclusive and billing on MRPs, holding of customers for POS counters, POS data entry screen for fast billing etc.
  • GST Ready: GST is known for its stringent deadlines and mandatory compliances and as per the new indirect tax regime, GST can be jointly levied by both the Central Government and the State Government on supply of certain goods and services and thus in order to make the software as per the compliances of GST, it is enriched with features such as:
    • Automatic creation of default masters i.e. tax, category etc.
    • Provision of entering GSTIN and Aadhar No in the account master
    • Provision of entering HSN Code and SAC number in the Item Master.
    • Provision of Tax invoice/Bill of Supply which is fully configurable.
    • Flexibility to change the GST rates at anytime.
    • Automatic calculation or automatic adjustment of CGST, SGST and IGST.
    • Provision of GST summary reports.
    • Online GSTIN validation.
    • GSTR-2A reconciliation.
    • Generation of item-wise and part-wise GST and VAT summary.
    • Generation of automatic E-way Bill Generation.
  • Payroll Management: Payroll management takes most of the productive time of any business, irrespective of its size and thus almost everyone is looking out for accounting software which can take care of the task not many employees are interested to work on. BUSY GST software takes away the pain which goes in taking care of mundane, yet an indispensable task and has provided features such as:
    • Automatic posting in accounts
    • Management of loan or advance
    • Calculation of daily and monthly salary
    • Configurable salary components such as earnings and deductions
    • PF/ESI registers and returns.
  • Customer Management: Customer management feature of BUSY GST includes sub-features such as enquiry management from receipt to closure and support management including item’s warranty and AMC tracking.
  • MIS Reports and Analysis: Generating GST compliant MIS reports is one of the key features of BUSY GST software and supports functions such as reports on cash or fund flow, ratio analysis, comprehensive analysis on sales and purchase on the basis of all possible combinations of party and items, results on multi-company if applicable which helps to see the consolidated results of different companies, generates report on profitability on the basis of items, bills, batches, party, material center wise and user management i.e. helps in giving access to its users as per the requirement with the option to restrict him to access specific reports or voucher entries etc.
  • Taxation: GST regime is quite a stringent one and firms struggle to pay their taxes well within the deadline. BUSY GST software allows one to access features such as generation of state-wise sales tax reports and to have configurable VAT registers as per the need of the customers. It also has feature such as tax paid stock details and sales tax surcharge.
  • Inventory Management: The basic key of why one firm operates successfully whereas another one struggles is inventory management and if you have multi-location inventory, then the task becomes even more tedious. Every micro, small and medium sized business is looking for software that can generate inventory reports which helps to give a thorough insight into the current situation of inventory. Busy GST software is enriched with inventory management features and can generate comprehensive analysis reports for consumption of different items for MIS purpose.
  • Checks and Controls: This very feature has sub-features such as user-definable warning alarms, voucher audit, data checklist, triggers and alerts, user activity log which gives a detailed insight in the activities of every user, creating user-wise master series group.
  • Enquiry & Support Management: Although BUSY GST software is easy to understand and does not requires one to undergo rigorous training, it is quite natural to have certain queries one may have while working on it and in order to make the software more approachable, the developers have made sure to cater for it and has provided with an in-house enquiry and support management system. In case of a query or doubt, you can reach on helpline +91 8800221252 and can also mail your queries or doubts on info@finacbooks.com
  • Your Remote Access of Data: BUSY GST software has made the life easy of its users by giving mobile app for data access. The software is iOS and Android compatible. It also has features such as web based reporting through your personal computer or mobile or tablet and its users can view the ledgers or pending bills or daily sales through email while they are away from their workplace.

Who Can Use Busy GST Software?

As mentioned above, BUSY GST software caters for micro, small and medium sized enterprises. Apart from that, it can also be used by the start-ups, an individual, agencies and enterprises.

Pros and Cons of Busy GST Software

Busy GST software has its advantages and disadvantages as listed below:

The main advantage of BUSY GST software is that it offers context sensitive online help and enquiry and support management. Also one does not have to go through a rigorous training to understand the software and while the software has earned its name in terms of GST compliance and multi-location inventory management, it still has a long way to go in terms of ecommerce integration and maintenance functionality.

Busy GST Software FAQ's

It supports iOS, Android and WinPhone.
It is designed to be deployed on the premises.
The software does not supports EMI or installment payment options and thus its payment is one time.
Yes, it’s free-trial is available.
As mentioned above, the main features of the software are as below: Invoice, GST reports, payroll management, invoice, email integration, project management, multi-location inventory management, enquiry and support management, MIS reports and analysis.

Final Thoughts on Busy GST Software

No software is good or bad but it has to strike the right chords of its users in order to float in the market. Where most of its users vouch for its features such as GST compliance, multi-location inventory management, multi-company accounting and a fully user-configurable invoicing, many are hoping if its developers can remove the few glitches here and there for it to an ideal one for the market.


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