Knowledge Professional Registration Process Flow in NSR

NSR Website Registration and Important Features

  1. The registration of the knowledge professionals is the foundation stone for creating the NSR system. Knowledge professionals visit the website of NSR make profiles for further use.
  2. The professionals get the information during the NSR registration process that they need to input the accurate information only. The professionals also know that they are approved to create only one profile. The information is used for companies’ reference and can be subjected to verification of background. This will safeguard the interests of credible and honest professionals. This also builds a good deterrence system and hygiene for the industry.
  3. The conditions and terms relating to using NSR and getting registered on are presented to the professionals for acceptance and understanding.
  4. Professional makes her/his profile by inputting Academic, Personal and Employment details on the website of NSR. The website makes possible the complete profile development where complete history of experience, all academic qualifications, and previous addresses can be captured.
  5. All the information captured are objective and factual and can be subjected to verification of source. Details like roles performed, and skills set are not included.
  6. The professional makes her/his log-in account and input information like Log-in ID, Log-in Password, to view the profile and password of transaction to renew the profile. For future reference, the professional needs to memorize or keep a note of this information.
  7. Input right email ID, as ITPIN and other information will be sent to professionals by registered email.
  8. Professionals can select to pay the first-year usage fee and registration fee of rupees four hundred plus applicable taxes online by using the credit card or by paying fee to POS during submission of biometrics.
Knowledge Professional Registration Process Flow in NSR

At the end of internet registration, the website of NSR creates an Acknowledgement form. Professionals require to take a printout of this acknowledgement form and submit it to the POS approved by NDML during the finger prints submission.

Biometrics Registration with Point of Service

  • Professionals visits the office of POS to finish the registration by submitting his/her signature, photograph, and finger-prints. The professionals require to carry a valid Photo identity proof for verification by POS for assurance of identity.
  • Offices of POS are also work as mobile units which can be transfer to the premises of company to finish the NSR registration of employees in their offices itself.
  • Contact details and list of POS offices are available at You can also contact helpdesk of NSR at for more information.
  • The data is captured by the POS by using the software given by NDML and they upload this data to NSR system. The central system of NSR will checks for its uniqueness on the basis of bio-metrics. If knowledge professionals make multiple registrations, then they all marked as duplicate.
  • The details are processed by the NSR by allotting a unique registration number of NSR. It is also known as ITPIN. Your NSR registration is now finished.
  • The knowledge professional receives an email regarding his/her NSR registration number and information of using the details of NSR.
  • The NSR profile is now accessed by the professionals on the basis of ITPIN issued from NSR, Login Id and Password created by him/her during the registration.
  • NSR offers a permanent profile for the professional. If there are any modifications needed in the details of profile, like change in address or employment, then these changes can be make by the professionals during accessing her/his profile.