NSR Benefits

NSR Benefits for Subscriber Companies

  1. It helps in HR procedure by developing uniqueness across registered professionals.
  2. It also saves the time and cost of background check.
  3. It decreases time and paper-work for the process of verification.
  4. It is effective in examining the background checking agencies.
  5. It is a system of self-sustaining because, it offers for approval of present employment information by the employer company.
  6. It is a central online system for sharing and hosting existing details as resource of industry and verifying / collecting latest details.
  7. It is a credible and quick reference for professional’s profile.
  8. One profile one person ensures that every individual represents his/her identity and uniqueness permanently in a standard and consistent way.
  9. Prevents against fake CV for industry makes a disciplined environment where all persons looking for registration needs to enter accurate information and get this information verified.
  10. It offers relaxation to the clients as the industry deployed a standard practice and make a transparent structure of information.

NSR Benefits for Country & Industry

  • For the practices of background check it offers common and accepted standards for the industry.
  • Global clients have full confidence in NSR.
  • Internal bars of security are raises by the industry which it cares.
  • As a secure offshore destination, NSR enhancements the image.

NSR Benefits for Empanelled Background Checkers

  • NSR offers a standard background check procedure for the all empaneled background checkers and become the foundation for market acceptance, results and uniform processes.
  • NSR offers data verification in standard formats entered directly by verification for professionals.
  • To enhance the handling of information NSR offers quality norms such as ISO 27001 certification.
  • NSR offers a platform for workflow which can be deployed to run verifications and also be expanded to the branches for data reports and access.

NSR Benefits for Registered Professionals on the System

  1. NSR accepts the best practices for security noticed by industry.
  2. Professionals have the advantage of having a permanent profile on the industry standard database by NASSCOM.
  3. It also improves the credibility of verified and registered information.
  4. For every job, there is no tension of repetition of the background check.
  5. The background check procedure is transparent. Knowledge professionals can see the reports of their personal background check.
  6. It is an obstacle for competing applicants of job with bloated and inflated profiles.
  7. The current employer company can verify information of current employment as well as relieving information. It makes details much credible and procedure easier.
  8. Professionals can easily update and access his/her profile.
  9. Companies can see the profile of knowledge professionals with her/his permission.
  10. Knowledge professionals get the information of viewing his/her profile by the companies approved by him.