GST Rate for Live Animals, Bovine and Poultry - Chapter 1

Description GST Rate (%) Effective From
Live asses, mules and hinnies NIL 28/06/2017
Live bovine animals NIL 28/06/2017
Live swine NIL 28/06/2017
Live sheep and goats NIL 28/06/2017
Live poultry, that is to say, fowls of the species Gallus domesticus, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea fowls. NIL 28/06/2017
Other live animal such as Mammals, Birds, Insects NIL 28/06/2017
Live horses 12 28/06/2018
Live horses 12 28/06/2017

HSN Code for Live Animals, Bovine and Poultry - Chapter 1

HSN Code Description Related Export / Import HSN Code
0101 Live asses, mules and hinnies 01012910, 01012990, 01013010, 01013020, 01013090, 01019010, 01019030, 01019090
0102 Live bovine animals 01022110, 01022120, 01022910, 01022990, 01023100, 01023900
0103 Live swine 01031000, 01039100, 01039200
0104 Live sheep and goats 01041010, 01041090, 01042000
0105 Live poultry, that is to say, fowls of the species Gallus domesticus, ducks, geese, turkeys and guinea fowls. 01051100, 01051200, 01051300, 01051900, 01059400, 01059900
0106 Other live animal such as Mammals, Birds, Insects 01061100, 01061200, 01061300, 01061400, 01061900, 01062000, 01063100, 01063200, 01063300, 01063900, 01064110, 01064190, 01064910, 01064990, 01069000
01012100 Live horses  
010129 Live horses  

Disclaimer: There may be some variations in given GST rates as per the Government's latest updates followed by GST Council meeting. If you are looking for GST rate before "Effective from", please check on government website.


GST Rate for Live asses  GST Rate for Live mules  GST Rate for Live hinnies  GST Rate for Live bovine animals  GST Rate for Live swine  GST Rate for Live sheep  GST Rate for Live goats  GST Rate for Live poultry  GST Rate for Live ducks  GST Rate for Live geese  GST Rate for Live turkeys  GST Rate for guinea fowls  GST Rate for Live Mammals  GST Rate for Live Birds  GST Rate for Live Insects  GST Rate for Live Horses HSN Code for Live asses  HSN Code for Live mules  HSN Code for Live hinnies  HSN Code for Live bovine animals  HSN Code for Live swine  HSN Code for Live sheep  HSN Code for Live goats  HSN Code for Live poultry  HSN Code for Live ducks  HSN Code for Live geese  HSN Code for Live turkeys  HSN Code for guinea fowls  >HSN Code for Live Mammals  HSN Code for Live Birds  HSN Code for Live Insects  HSN Code for Live Horses


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