Trade License Registration

Trade License is a certificate issued by the municipal corporation to the applicant to start any type of trade or business in a particular area or location. It does not allow the license holder to use the same license for any other trade or business. It is governed by the respective state laws under the Municipal Corporation acts by the state government. It is made necessary to ensure that no person is carrying out any sort of unethical trade practices. Trade licenses are published by the authorized departments of the municipal corporations. Starting a business without obtaining a trade license may result in penalty or even termination of business. The license ensures that license holder is following the relevant rules, guidelines and obeying the safety measures. We can say that Trade license is similar to a driving license which requires a driver to drive a car.

The license department is the authorized administration of the municipal corporation which publishes licenses in consultation with other specialized departments. It is important for business establishments to take fundamental licenses from the License department before starting manufacturing, exchange or storage of any activity/commodity. The application should be received in Municipal Corporation before 30 days of the commencement of the business.

The main motive of issuing trade license is to control trade location by restricting the people from executing certain types of businesses from their home location. It maintains the business environment as well as local environment. Trade license can only be issued to commercial premises where the government has not banned any trade activities.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation

Document Preparation

Application Drafting

Government Fees

Benefits of Trade License

  • Licensed businesses enjoy greater goodwill and will surely attract investors.
  • It provides safety measures and guidelines which are important for your business.
  • It saves you from paying fines, penalties or even termination of your business.
  • It ensures stress free trading.

Documents needed for Trade Registration?

Private Limited Company

MOA & AOA (with form-32, form-18 & others)

Certificate of Incorporation

IT Return

Property Tax Receipt

Previous Trade License

Lease Deed/Rent Agreement

Rent Receipt

Food NOC

Fire NOC

Pollution NOC

Sarai NOC

Excise NOC

Drug NOC

Permission from RBI

Permission from IRDA

Proprietorship / Trustee

Document of Proprietorship / Document of Trust Agreement

Lease Deed / Rent Agreement

Previous Trade License

Property Tax Receipt

IT Return

Rent Receipt

Partnership Firm

Partnership Deed

Property Tax Receipt

Previous Trade License

IT Return

Lease Deed / Rent Agreement

Rent Receipt

Eligibility to Get Trade License

  • The applicant must be 18 years or above.
  • The applicant must not have any criminal records.
  • Business must be legally permissible.

Categories of Trade Licenses

  • Food establishment License - It includes Licenses of food stall, canteen, restaurants, hotels, bakeries and the sale of meat & vegetables etc.
  • Industries license – It includes small, medium and large manufacturing factories.
  • Shop license – It includes Barber shop, dhobi shop, candle manufacturer, cracker manufacturer etc.

Procedure for Trade License Registration

Form submission

In the first step, you have to complete the form provided by finacbooks which includes a simple questionnaire.

Registration of the license

In the second step, you have to provide all the required information for registering trade license.

Submission of Documents-

In the third step, we will create your all needed documents and fill the application on your behalf.

Work Done-

Lastly, We will send your license through courier and it is advised to keep copies of it.

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