Trade License

Trade License is basically a permission granted by the state government to carry on any sort of business or trade for which it is issued. It is governed by the respective state laws under the Municipal Corporation. It is authorized to ensure that no person is running any sort of unethical business practices because it is illegal. Trade licenses are published by the authorized departments of the municipal corporations. Operating a business without an obtaining trade license may outcome in a penalty or even termination of a business. The business which is not carrying out any unethical business practices is supposed to follow relevant rules, safety measures and guidelines. A trade License allows you to get a right to operate your business in a particular area. We can say that Trade license is same as a driving license which required when one drive a car.

The license department is the authorized administration by the municipal associations which publish licenses in consultation with other specialized consultative departments. In context of this, it is important for any business establishments to take fundamental licenses from the License segment before beginning manufacturing, exchange or storage of any activity/commodity. The application should be received from the business formation 3 months before the admission of activity.

The main consideration or motive of trade license is to diminish the people to control trade location from doing any kind of business activity which are been performed from residential area. It maintains the business environment and do avoids all sort of hurdles and nuisance to the persons residing in the society. Trade license can only be access to commercial premises where the government has not banned doing any trade activities. In some industries where are into dicey activity, the government has mounted various safety guidelines to operate such industries only in some specific zones which are the particular distance from the city .Finacbook do provide you the facility for Trade license.

What Is Included In Our Package?

Eligibility Consultation

Document Preparation

Application Drafting

Government Fees

What are benefits of Trade License?

  • Licensed businesses do enjoy a greater goodwill and will surely attract investors.
  • It simply preserves the proprietor from certain liability.
  • In order to do an ethical business, practice the person can apply for obtaining Trade License Registration which assures the safety measures and guidelines.
  • If a person does not get Trade license as required under law and starts any business than a government can appoint fine and penalty on such person. It can also result in the termination of such trade.

What are the documents required to apply for Trade License ?

Private Limited

IRDA Permission

Certificate of Incorporation

IT Return

Property Tax Receipt

Previous Trade License

Lease Deed/Rent Agreement

Rent Receipt

Food NOC

Fire NOC

Pollution NOC

Sarai NOC

Excise NOC

Drug NOC

RBI Permission

Memorandum of Article & Association (with Form-32, Form-18 & Others)

Proprietorship / Trustee

Rent Receipt

IT Return

Property Tax Receipt

Previous Trade License

Lease Deed / Rent Agreement

Document of Proprietorship / Document of Trust Agreement

Partnership Term

Partnership Deed

IT Return

Property Tax Receipt

Previous Trade License

Lease Deed / Rent Agreement

Rent Receipt

Eligibility to Get Trade License

  • Minimum ages (18 years)
  • No criminal records
  • Business should be capable of executing legal work

Categories of Trade Licenses

  • Food establishment
  • Industries license
  • Shop license

Procedure for Trade License

Form submission

Complete the form which is provided to you by us which includes details in our simple questionnaire and submit the documents.

Registration of the license

Here you are supposed to provide all sort of the required information to register trade license.

Submission of Documents

We will create all sort of required documents and applications and we will file them on your behalf.

Work Done

Your license will be sent through courier. It is suggested to keep copies of it.

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