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FinacBooks is a leading platform where you can find qualified Chartered accountants offering services like company registration, online GST registration and return filing, FSSAI registration, Intellectual property rights & many more. Chartered accountants in Kushinagar not only help in sorting out your tax problems but also help in minimizing your tax liability. We can save much of your time & money in identifying any tax-related issues you cannot solve on your own. Real estate audit, capital gains, transaction verification, stamp duty, due diligence are the other services provided by Chartered accountants in Kushinagar.

Searching for an experienced, trusted and dedicated professional as CA in Kushinagar? Find out the top CA in Kushinagar with the help of FinacBooks!


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Sai Play Way, Railway Station Road Belwa Chungi, Padrauna City, Padrauna - 274308, Near Railway Station (View Map)
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Dm Outsourcing & Consulting Services Located in Kushinagar, are a firm of Chartered Accountants (CA) specialized in providing various accounting, bookkeeping services to individuals, sole proprietors, small business firms and limited companies. (Read more)


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Dm Outsourcing & Consulting Services Located in Kushinagar, are a firm of Chartered Accountants (CA) specialized in providing various accounting, bookkeeping services to individuals, sole proprietors, small business firms and limited companies. (Read more)


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Chamber No:14, Distict and Session Court, Padrouna, Ward No:12, Veer Abdul Hamid Nagar, Kasia, Kushinagar - 274402, Near M.azad School (View Map)
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Legal Knock Advocates And Consultants Located in Kushinagar, are a firm of Chartered Accountants (CA) specialized in providing various accounting, bookkeeping services to individuals, sole proprietors, small business firms and limited companies. (Read more)


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Rohit Shrivastav Tax Adviser & Consultant Located in Kushinagar, are a firm of Chartered Accountants (CA) specialized in providing various accounting, bookkeeping services to individuals, sole proprietors, small business firms and limited companies. (Read more)


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Ranjeet Gupta Located in Kushinagar, are a firm of Chartered Accountants (CA) specialized in providing various accounting, bookkeeping services to individuals, sole proprietors, small business firms and limited companies. (Read more)


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Village-post- Seorasi, Khushi Nagar 45KM OUTER, Seorahi, Kushinagar - 274406, Nearest Thesil (View Map)
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Tax Advisor Located in Kushinagar, are a firm of Chartered Accountants (CA) specialized in providing various accounting, bookkeeping services to individuals, sole proprietors, small business firms and limited companies. (Read more)


CA near me in Kushinagar

Are you looking for CA in Kushinagar? You are at the right place, we have a team of qualified CA in Kushinagar who not only respond to your needs on time but also assist you as & when required. We have 5567 Chartered Accountants, covering 791 Locations, 1648 areas, and 251 cities in India and offering Accounting, Company Registration, GST Services (GST Registration, GST Audit, GST Return Filing), Personal Accounting, IPR Services and Startup Services in Kushinagar.

List of Services Offered By CA Firms in Kushinagar

Accounting Services in Kushinagar

We are a team of qualified, experienced and dedicated professionals in Kushinagar offering accounting services to individuals & companies. We assure you that we will provide you with the best accountancy services you will ever get from any other individual or firm. We have various chartered accountancy firms listed with us in Kushinagar, which will work as per your needs & requirements on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis.

If you experienced & professional accounting consultants in Kushinagar? Contact FinacBooks now!

Company Compliance in Kushinagar

Fulfilling company compliance requirements is one of the main considerations for each and every firm nowadays. Company compliance requirements are getting complex day by day, and failing to meet these requirements on time can cause a huge impact on your company. We are engaged with various chartered accountancy firms in order to provide compliance services in Kushinagar, including income tax return filing, ROC filing, annual filing, financial statement preparation, secretarial services, MCA annual return filing etc. If you have any compliance requirements to complete, get high-quality compliance services from Finacbooks

Get in touch with FinacBooks to manage your company compliance easily and in a timely manner.

Company Registration in Kushinagar

Everyone wants to be self-employed and company registration is considered the first step in establishing a new business. We are engaged in the registration of all types of companies in Kushinagar, including private limited company registration, partnership firm registration, public limited company registration, LLP registration, one person company registration, Section 8 company registration, Nidhi company registration etc. We take care of all the compliance requirements including rules, regulations, documentation etc.

If you are looking for a well qualified and experienced company registration consultant in Kushinagar, contact FinacBooks!

FSSAI Registration in Kushinagar

Guidelines for the FSSAI registration are complex, and therefore we have to handle the registration process carefully. Food safety is an important thing and should be given due consideration. FSSAI license is mandatory for all food businesses running in Kushinagar. We have many chartered accountants with us who offer FSSAI license (Normal, state & central) to various food businesses in Kushinagar. FSSAI licensing assures that the food products will go through various quality checks and reduce the cases of adulteration and substandard products. We are compliant with the standard rules & regulations of FSSAI and provide you FSSAI license in the easiest way.

GST Services in Kushinagar

After the introduction of one country, one tax - it becomes mandatory for every small dealer to go for GST registration having to earn above Rs.40 Lakhs. We are engaged with various GST consultants which not only provide GST registration but also help in GST return filing & GST audit. Our qualified, experienced and dedicated consultants follow each & every GST compliance in order to provide you with the best GST services in Kushinagar.

IEC Registration in Kushinagar

Import & export businesses in Kushinagar need to obtain IEC registration in order to freely trade in India. We are having numerous consultants with us who can easily & quickly provide export-import licenses to the importers and exporters all over Kushinagar.

ISO Certification in Kushinagar

ISO Registration helps in business growth and assures quality management and quality assurance. It also helps in increasing the reputation of your product and the company. We have numerous ISO certification consultants with us in Kushinagar who offers various ISO certifications such as ISO 9001 certification, ISO 13485 certification, ISO 14001 certification, OHSAS 18001 certification, ISO 22000 certification, ISO 27001 certification (ISMS), ISO 29001 certification, ISO 37001 certification, ISO 45001 certification (OH & SMS), ISO 50001 certification, SA 8000 Certification, IATF 16949 Certification, Halal Certification, Kosher Certification, CE Marking etc. Need to certify your product or service? Contact Finacbooks!

RERA Registration in Kushinagar

As per the RERA act rules, every real estate developer needs to register their project as well as real estate agents with RERA authority in order to get RERA registration. The main purpose of the government is to protect the buyer interest, increase professionalism and introduce transparency in real estate sector. We have numerous RERA consultants who provide RERA registration services as per your requirement. Looking for RERA registration, contact Finacbooks!

Tax Return Filing in Kushinagar

Filing of tax return is not an easy task and it is becoming complicated due to the complexities in tax rules & regulations day by day. Hence, we have to handle this with utmost care. We are having numerous income tax consultants, professional tax consultants and tax return filing agents in Kushinagar who not only help in tax return filing but also provide you guidance on how to prepare your taxes for the future.

IPR Services in Kushinagar

Intellectual property rights are the legal rights given to individuals to protect his or her innovation or original idea through patent, trademark, copyright and design registration. We are having numerous qualified and experienced professionals in Kushinagar who are experts in providing trademark registration, Copyright registration, patent registration and design registration.

Startup Services in Kushinagar

A person needs a lot of confidence to start a new business as a huge amount of money is involved in it. We are experts in providing start up services to persons incorporating a new company in Kushinagar. We have numerous chartered accountancy firms with us in Kushinagar that offers start up services like company incorporation, bookkeeping, payroll etc. We are also involved in the preparation and filing of income tax return.

How the profession of Chartered Accountancy came into light?

As you have seen earlier, businesses were relatively small and were operated and managed by a single person i.e. the business owner whereas in early times, the business owner himself performs various roles such as operator, seller, purchaser, financer etc. and there was no person with them to even share the responsibilities. As time grows, the need for money has been aroused, and banks started the process of lending loans to businesses. Later, the tax authorities and the government also get involved, and due to the complexities in tax regulations, advice from a professional expert becomes the need of the hour. An expert will not only handle your financial aspects but also helps in minimizing your tax liability. CA professional is considered as one of the prestigious professions in Kushinagar.

How to become a Chartered accountant?

Any candidate who wants to become a certified chartered accountant needs to complete the Chartered accountancy course. This Chartered accountancy course is managed and controlled by the body known as “The Institute of Chartered accountants of India” (ICAI). This examination held every year across the country, not easy to crack and considered as one of the toughest examinations for the candidates to pass. This course contains three levels, and it is mandatory for every candidate to complete a minimum three years of practical training in order to qualify for the course. This course is divided into two parts – Foundation course and Intermediate course and covers various subjects like Cost accounting, management accounting, business law, corporate law, Auditing & assurance, Financial and Global financial reporting standards. Once you become a Chartered accountant in Kushinagar and possess the required qualification, relevant knowledge and an appropriate designation, you can easily analyze financial statements and can file tax returns for any business industry. You can also do an audit for any business by analyzing its financial and business aspects and offering them advisory services.

Due to the rapid growth and the rise in the accountancy profession and the change occurring in the Indian economic factors from time to time, increased the responsibility of chartered accountants. As a growing nation, we are moving forward to become a business and economic powerhouse and there are lots of opportunities that are coming for chartered accountants due to financial and economic reforms changes. This is the time for CA professionals to come forward and show their knowledge and skills in their field of specialization.

Roles & Responsibilities of Chartered Accountants

If one person you can believe upon at the time of submission of tax returns to the income tax department, he is a chartered accountant. Chartered accountants in Kushinagar not only experts in filing income tax returns but also help you in minimizing your tax liability. CA in Kushinagar also perform a consultant role and helps you in making big and important decisions by providing you with the best advice you will ever get from a. The various roles & responsibilities performed by Chartered accountants are as follows –


  1. It is one of the key roles performed by a CA in Kushinagar
  2. Audit is basically examining the accounts of a particular organization, generally by an independent body.
  3. The main purpose of audit is to make organization clear that whether the account records and the financial statements they are managing are fair & accurate or not.
  4. Audit is a legal requirement which most of the entities need to perform in order to remain compliant.

CA in Kushinagar manages different types of audits such as internal audit, Income tax audit, forensic audit and CAG audit.


It is mandatory for every business to file tax returns before the due date in order to ensure the smooth running of the business and save themselves from the fines & penalties. CA’s in Kushinagar are experts in handling taxation matters and performs the following responsibilities:

  1. Preparation of income tax returns
  2. Representing the clients/assesses before the matter goes to income tax authorities
  3. Offering advice on taxes to clients

The financial statements of the company must show true and a fair picture of their business operations. Any misrepresentation in financial statements can hamper the company’s reputation and may result in non-compliance issue. Financial statements are very useful for a company as it helps investors, shareholders, creditors and financers to take investment decisions.

CA’s in Kushinagar are well-qualified, experienced and specialized in handling complex audit cases having big revenue involved in it. They are dedicated to the maintenance of accounts for different categories of taxpayers. As per income tax law, any assessee having a turnover of –

  • 10 Lakh (in case of professionals)
  • 40 Lakh (in case of business concerns)

must get their accounts audited by an auditor. It is necessary in order to remain compliant and to avoid fines & penalties from the income tax department.

International Taxation

International taxation matters are not easy to handle as it involves cross border transactions, transfers pricing and double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAA). Companies having an international presence or operating internationally must take advice from a certified Chartered accountant so that you can easily answer any questions raised by revenue authorities in relation to your international operations. You can also contact chartered accountants in Kushinagar for amendments in tax on foreign remittances. You can also avail 15CA and 15CB remittance certification services from various CA firms in Kushinagar.

Goods and Services Tax (GST)

The introduction of GST i.e. one country, one tax which merged all indirect taxes into a single tax heavily affect the country’s tax system. CA in Kushinagar helps businesses in understanding GST laws, maintaining register & documents and filing GST returns on time to the tax department.

Mergers and Acquisitions

  1. In this corporate world, many businesses usually merge with other businesses & even acquire other businesses to grow further.
  2. Combining two or more businesses into one business is known as a merger, whereas acquiring the ownership of an existing business is known as acquisition.

CA in Kushinagar is experienced and specialized in handling the matters pertaining to mergers and acquisitions and can help businesses in -

  1. Tax concessions to the merging company
  2. Tax concessions to the merged company
  3. Tax concessions to the shareholders of merging company
  4. Valuation of public and private company shares.
  5. Diversification cost


Accounting is the most basic function carried out by a CA in Kushinagar. Summarizing, analyzing and reporting the business transactions are very important, and this task can easily be handled by any of the CA’s in Kushinagar.

Finance and Bookkeeping

Continuous recording and maintaining of financial transactions are very important for a business to grow and succeed. Therefore, it is needed that you must maintain your books of accounts and update the same on a regular basis as it will help Chartered accountant in Kushinagar to prepare the income statement at the end of the quarter of the year. The most common books of accounts maintained and updated on a regular basis are purchase book, sale book, payment book and receipt book.


The Analysis is a very important step for a chartered accountant to get a better understanding regarding the financial position of the company. In order to get an accurate financial position, a Chartered accountant in Kushinagar analyzes the income statement, balance sheet in order to understand the financial and business aspects of an organization. The Income statement signifies how much net profit has been earned by the company and its growth whereas analysis of balance sheet is done to know the company's current financial position.

Management Consultancy

There are various responsibilities that a chartered accountant performs on day to day basis. CA in Kushinagar also works as a management consultant and helps businesses so that they can utilize their resources efficiently. As a management consultant, a chartered accountant in Kushinagar helps businesses increasing their efficiency and even tells businesses that whether they are growing as per their goals and objectives or not. There are various services offered by Chartered accountant in Kushinagar, which are as follows -

  1. System installation to manage cost accounting functions
  2. System designing to manage budget and its control
  3. Developing of management information system
  4. Implementation of measures for effective utilization of capital
  5. Reviewing of financial planning methods & policies
  6. Reviewing of operational control procedures
  7. Assistance in boosting productivity by effective utilization of working capital
  8. Advising management on planning, delegating and streamlining the work process.
  9. Advising on issues pertaining to join ventures, international taxation, foreign collaborations and double taxation avoidance agreements (DTAA).
  10. CA in Kushinagar acts as an investment counsellor in relation to securities.
  11. CA in Kushinagar acts as an advisor or a consultant too. CA in Kushinagar can also help businesses in drafting the prospectus, memorandum and even preparing of publicity budget too.
  12. Assistance in preparation of feasibility studies
  13. Advising management on the perspective of expansion, mergers, takeovers, reconstructions etc.
  14. Advising on system analysis and design
  15. Providing secretarial services
  16. Advice on Corporate law matters etc.

Business Investigation and Special Company Work

CA’s in Kushinagar are experienced and specialized in undertaking business investigations and special company work. These professionals are consulted for his/her foresightedness in terms of –

  1. Achieving greater efficiency in management and administration
  2. Identifying financial problems
  3. Identifying the reason behind increase/decrease in the profit

CA in Kushinagar also analyses company's financial position by taking into consideration the following factors –

  1. Purchase of a business
  2. Sale of a business
  3. Financing of a business
  4. Mergers
  5. Reconstruction

CA in Kushinagar can also be contacted for matters pertaining to company formation, liquidation and financial structure. Other works like registration work, secretarial work have also been undertaken by a CA in Kushinagar. CA in Kushinagar can also work as an arbitrator in order to settle disputes.

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FAQ’s related to CA in Kushinagar

There are multiple services like budget preparation, accounts preparation, bookkeeping services, cost accounting services; financial statement auditing, etc. is provided by a professional CA.
Audit & Assurance are the areas in which every CA professional is specialized in. Other than that, Chartered accountants are specialized in commercial taxation, digital signature certificate, finance and corporate advisory, individual taxation, registration and license consulting, and so on.
Accounting plays an important role in every business. Hiring a CA ensures the smooth running of the financial operations of your business. A Chartered accountant can help you manage your business expenses, offer you investment advice and provide tips on audit and legal issues too.
Yes, there are several professional companies offering CA services online.
No. Filing of income tax returns is an online process. CA will ask you to email all the necessary documents and will file your returns from his/her office.

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Due Dates

  • GSTR-7 Summary of Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) and deposited under GST laws

    Nov 10th ,2021
  • GSTR-8 Summary of Tax Collected at Source (TCS) by e-commerce operators under GST laws

    Nov 10th ,2021
  • GSTR 1 for Oct 2021 (turnover more than INR. 1.50 Crore)

    Nov 11th ,2021
  • GSTR-6 Details of Input Tax Credit (ITC) received and distributed by an Input Service Distributor (ISD)

    Nov 13th ,2021
  • Quarterly TDS certificate (in respect of tax deducted for payments other than salary) for the quarter ending September 30, 2021

    Nov 15th ,2021
  • GSTR-3B is a summary return to be filed by all taxpayers except those registered under the composition scheme, every month. However, from 1st January 2021, there is also quarterly filing option provided to taxpayers with annual aggregate tunrover of up to Rs.5 crore, opting for the QRMP scheme for Oct Month. (Aggregate turnover exceeding Rs.5 crore in the previous financial year)

    Nov 20th ,2021

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