DCB Bank Savings Account Fees and Charges

Account Opening Amount / AQB Rs 10,000
ATM Related Charges
Daily ATM Withdrawal Limit Rs 50,000 (domestic or International Card)
Card Issuance Fee Rs 250 (domestic & international debit card)
Domestic ATM Usage Fee (DCB ATMs and Visa ATMs) Free of charge.
International ATM Usage Fee (Visa ATMs) Rs 25 (International Card)
Clearing Charges
Fund Transfer Charges within DCB Bank Free of charge
Cheque Deposited & Returned Unpaid (Local or Outstation Cheque) Rs 100
Cheque Issued & Returned Rs 500
ECS Returns Rs 500
Cheque Book Related Charges
Cheque book charges Rs 2 per leaf (monthly) above free limit
Issue of loose Cheque Leaves Rs 5 per leaf (per instance)
Stop Payment Charges Rs 50 per cheque (per instance)
Remittance Related Charges
RTGS / NEFT Free of charge
Free daily limit for non-cash DD transactions (local) Rs 1 lakh
DD Cash Transactions (local) Rs 300 / per instrument
Visa money transfer (payable at non DCB & HDFC branches) Rs 25
Issue of duplicate DD / Pay Order (payable at non DCB & HDFC branches) Rs 50
Cash Related Charges
Cash Deposit Free Limit Unlimited free (if monthly average balance of Rs 25,000 is maintained). Otherwise, 5 free cash deposit transactions permitted.
Cash Deposit Charges beyond free limit Rs 100 per transaction
Cash Withdrawal Limit (any DCB Branch) Free
Penal Charges
Non-maintenance of Minimum Balance Rs 749 per quarter
Penal charges for cheque book (quarterly) Rs 2 per leaf
Penal charges for cash transactions (at branch) Rs 50 per transactions beyond free limit of 3 transactions.
Penal Charges for ATM / Visa Transactions Rs 18 (financial transactions) & Rs 7 (non-financial transactions)
Miscellaneous Charges
Monthly e-mail statements Free of charge
Physical Statements (monthly) Rs 200
Duplicate Statement Rs 50 per page (per instance)
Standing instructions setup Free of charge
Standing instructions execution Free of charge
Scheme Transfer Fees Rs 200 / per instance
Photo Attestation Rs 50 / per instance
Signature Verification Rs 50 / per instance
Account Closure Rs 500 if closed after 30 days but within 6 months of first credit. No charge if account is closed within 30 days of after 6 months of first credit.


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