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Today technology has reached everywhere and there is hardly any sphere of life which is untouched by it. India being one of the fastest developing country is getting digitalized day by day and recent internet growth in India is unlike anything in the history of commercial internet and even as the rate at which people are coming online is not very fast, India is working towards making internet more affordable for its people to scale continuous growth. Both the state and central government are working on digitization of their departments in order to provide most of the services online to the general mass and Telengana State Government has walked one step further in the direction of digitization of its departments by taking an initiative by the name of Maa Bhoomi.

Webland Telangana – Login & Application Procedure

Webland Telangana – Benefits for People

The Government of Telangana is working round the clock for the benefit of its people and very oftenly comes up with schemes to make life of the Telengana people easier and comfortable by arranging the facilities and making them accessible as well and since majority of Telengana population belongs to the agricultural background, Telengana State Government has introduced a prestigious project by the name “Webland” in the year 2019 and its main objectvie is to determine and clarify the boundaries between the agricultural lands in villages. With the help of Webland portal, you can see the details of lands in all the districts of Telengana such as Hyderabad, Ranga Reddy, Medak, Warangal, Nizamabad, Adilabad, Mahaboobnagar, Khammam, Nalginda, Karimnagar etc. Apart from giving the details of land distribution in all the mandals of various districts of Telengana, Webland portal also gives all the previous data of lands of the state.

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Name of the project was chosen quite aptly because the computerization of the records makes it readily available on the internet in the Webland project and the same can be assessed from http://www.webland.ap.gov.in/. Through the Webland portal, records of all lands which are linked with the Aadhar Number is mapped digitally with the help of Google Maps so that the area or the extent of land of a respective person could be fixed in the given survey numbers and thus clarifies the boundaries.

Main services available at the Webland portal are:

  • Land records:
  • Pahanis: Pahani/Adangal is a very important land document and issued by Tahsildar, Pahani/Adangal consists of all details related to the land and is given to the owner of the land. A Pahani/Adangal would consists of following information:
    • Name of the owner of the land
    • Land revenue
    • Tax and liabilities to be paid by the owner
    • Survey number and extension of land
    • Nature of the land and soil
    • Nature of procession of land
    • Government/Public rights on the land
    • The way land is acquired and owned by the owner
    • Resource of land cultivation

    Wheras Pahani is issued by Tehsildar, Adangal is maintained by the administrative officer of the village and is written by him every year and it contains various important imformation regarding the land such as survey number of the property, extent, assessment, land classification etc. Apart from the above mentioned information, an Adangal would have following details as well:

    • Patta lands – wet, dry, manavari
    • Assessed wastelands - wet, dry
    • Poramboke land

    Pahani is classified as District and Village Pahani and to obtain Pahani document, you would need to submit the application form to the Tehsildar of your nearest Mee Seva Centre and the applicable fees for the same is Rs 35. Once Pahani for your land is issued, it gets uploaded on the Maa Bhoomi website from where you can access the same and to access your Pahani, you can visit the Maa Bhoomi website and click on “Your Pahani” option. You need to fill in the Survey or your Aadhar Card number in order to have a look at your Pahani document. You can also take a print out of Pahani document in case you want to. Like District Pahani, you can access Village Pahani also by clicking on “Grama Pahani” and entering the survey number, district, zone and village name on the Maa Bhoomi website. In other words:

    • Go to www.mabhoomi.telengana.gov.in
    • Click on “Our Pahani” link under “Pahani” section of the website.
    • Search your Pahani by Survey number or Account Number or Aadhar number. You can choose either of the option as per the information available with you.
    • Select District name, Zone name and Village name where your property is located.
    • Select and enter Survey Number and click on submit to generate your Pahani.

  • Pattadar passbooks of all types of lands: A pattadar passbook (PPB) is a document in the form of a small bound book having all details of land owned by a person, also called as pattadar. It is issued by the revenu officials and has four main sections:
    • Land ownership details
    • Names of tenants, if any
    • Photo identity of pattadar
    • Loans, if any
    • Changes of ownership, if applicable
    • Details of all mortgages, leases and other encumbrances.

    Issued by the Mandal Revenue Office i.e. MRO, Telengana government has started to issue pattadar passbooks to the farmers in just 15 minutes at the Mee Seva centres in a nominal fee of Rs 25. Webland portal gives an easy access to the pattadar passbooks for all types of lands.

How to login to Webland?

In order to access the Webland portal and access its services, you need to follow the below mentioned steps:

  • Visit the www.webland.ap.gov.in
  • On its homepage, you have to enter your User ID, password and district in order to enter the portal.
  • Once you have entered the required credentials, you will be able to access the follwing services of the portal:
    • Administration
    • Master directories
    • Land acquisition
    • Mutation
    • Report/Checklist

Benefits of Webland Telengana

Webland project was introduced into the State’s Revenue Department with an objective to help farmers and offers certain advantages, such as:

  1. It helps the farmers to know about their land, its boundary and can thus demarcate their land, especially if it is large and quite close to others.
  2. It helps in avoiding the problems in distributing the land across the state to the owners.
  3. It allows digital mapping of the land area and its borders.
  4. Using the services available on the Webland Portal, farmers are able to know about their land areas and borders which is helping them to protect it so that other won’t use or possess their land.
  5. Using the Webland technology, it has become easy for even a common man to define the borders of his land.
  6. It helps in avoiding the usurp of lands between the owners of the lands.
  7. Webland portal gives you the latest and updated data of the land records.
  8. It demarcates the borders of the land based on its ownership.
  9. State government has asked banks to have a free access to the portal in order to avoid multiple lending. By logging in to the Webland portal, one can see if there is any pending loan against the applicant or not and thus Webland can verify the correctness of the records before sanctioning loans.

Aadhar Seeding to Android Application

State government has developed an android based application for Aadhar seeding to the Khata numbers in Webland database and one can follow the below mentioned steps to install the app:

  • Download UID Seeding Android Application (V2.0) from the link available on the Webland Portal. However, in order to download the app, make sure that the following settings are enabled:
    • Android version should be v3.2 (Honeycomb) and above.
    • Make sure that internet is available through Wi-Fi or through a local mobile network for login in order to download the new records and to sync the offline data to the server.
    • Enable “ Allow installation of non-Market apps” in Device administration under security in Settings.
  • Click on the .apk file to install the android application and select Package installer. Select install option.
  • Click on the “UIDSEED Live” icon from tha available applcations on the device.
  • Once it is installed, login into the application. If you are logging for the first time, you will need to enter the village code of concerned village, your User Id and password.
  • Once you have entered the details, the application will get open with the following options:
    • Seed Aadhar
    • Upload to Aadhar
    • Dashboard
    • Download
    • Sign Out
  • Click on the “Seed Aadhar” option to view the list Khata numbers pending for Aadhar seeding as on date.
  • Click on the particular Khata number in order to seed the Aadhar number as shown in the screen. However, before you seed the Aadhar number, the Addhar number will be validated against following conditions:
    • Aadhar number should not be empty.
    • It should be of 12 digits.
    • Mobile number should be of 10 digits.
  • Enter valid Aadhar number after verifiying the name on the Aadhar card and name in Webland.
  • If seeding is not possible, then you need to select the reason from the available drop-down for not seeding the Aadhar number against that particular khata number.
  • If mobile number of Pattadar is available, then enter the same. Else click on the check box.
  • Click on the “Save” button once you have entered all the fields.

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