Latest updates on E-way bills

29th August 2021

From 1st May 2021 to 18th August 2021, e-way bills will not be blocked for taxpayers in case of non-filing of GSTR-1 or GSTR-3B (two months or more for monthly filers and one quarter or more for QRMP taxpayers) between March and May 2021.

4th August 2021

From 15th August 2021, e-way bills will be blocked due to the non-filing of GSTR-3B.

1st June 2021

1. The e-way bill portal's release notes clarify that a GSTIN that has been suspended cannot generate an e-way bill. However, a suspended GSTIN can generate an e-way bill as a recipient or as a transporter.

2. The mode of transport has been updated from 'Ship' to 'Ship/Road cum Ship', allowing the user to enter a vehicle number for goods that are initially transported by road and a bill of lading number and date for goods to be transported by ship. This enables the use of ODC advantages for ship-to-ship transportation and simplifies the process of updating vehicle information as vehicles are moved on the road.

How to modify and cancel eway bill under GST

How to modify or cancel E-way bill under GST?

As we become familiar with the GST system, we believe in entering all relevant information upon submission; nonetheless, errors do occur occasionally. In the event of an error, the E-way bill portal allows for modification. If a user wishes to cancel an E-way bill, the system allows for this as well.

Cancellation of E-way Bill:

If the generator determines that the goods were not delivered or were not transported in accordance with the provided information, the generator may cancel the E-way bill. The E-way bill can be cancelled 24 hours after it is generated. Once cancelled, it is no longer legal for anyone to use it.

Note: Once an empowered officer has verified an E-way bill, it cannot be cancelled.

The Process to cancel an E-way bill:

· Click on the "E-way bill" after logging onto the E-way bill portal.

· A drop-down menu appears in front of you. Select the Cancel option from the same.

· You need to enter the 12 digit E-way bill number and click on "GO". For example, if the goods are not being moved, an incorrect E-way bill is entered.

· The E-way bill appears in front of you. Provide them with a valid reason for the cancellation, and you are done.

Sometimes, there might be a few changes or modifications that are requested by the generator. In such cases, a modification option is also available on the portal.

Updating the vehicle number:

The vehicle number can be modified only if it was not specified when the e-Way bill was generated or if the goods are transferred to another vehicle due to a breakdown.  A vehicle number cannot be updated under any other condition.

Steps to update a vehicle number:

1. Login on the E-way bill portal and select the Update vehicle number under the E-way bill tab appearing on the left-hand side of the dashboard.

Note: If the Consolidated e-way bill requires an update to the transport/vehicle details, click 'Re-generate' from the left-hand side of the dashboard's 'Consolidated EWB' menu.

2. Then, a tab appears with the option Show E-way bill by: ‘E-way bill number’ or ‘Generated date’. Select the option that best suits you. Click on "GO" after selecting the appropriate E-way bill number.

Select the relevant e-Way Bill for which you want to update the vehicle number.  

3. Enter the following details in the form:

·  Vehicle number,

·  Place information (From place)

·  Reason for updating the vehicle number (Tran-shipment, Vehicle Break down or not updated earlier)

· Remarks, if any

4. After you've entered the necessary details, click the submit button. The E-way will be instantly updated. You can now print a copy of the most recent E-way bill. Additionally, you can update the transporter ID using the E-way portal.

Note: If the mode of transportation is rail, air, or ship, enter the transporter document number instead of the vehicle number.

Steps to update the Transporter ID on e-WAY Bills:

The Transporter/seller who generated the e-way bills can change/re-assign the Transporter ID, thereby replacing the existing transporter with a new one. If the originally allocated transporter changes the TransID and assigns the other transporter, the seller is unable to make any changes. Additionally, only Part-B details may be edited.

· Under the "E-way bill" section, click "Update EWB Transporter."

· Enter the Transporter's GSTIN or enrollment ID.

· Submit the new/changed transporter ID.

On the screen, the updated e-way bill appears. To print the E-way bill, click Print. Take note that the E-way bill number remains the same regardless of the transporter's details. Additionally, you can extend the validity of the E-way bill through the same portal by clicking on extend validity under the E-way bill portal and entering the necessary information.

How to reject E-way bills?

This feature enables a taxpayer to reject e-way bills generated by other parties (as recipients/suppliers) using the taxpayer's GSTIN.

For example, if the consignment was cancelled en route, the recipient may reject the e-way bill.


  • Date of e-way bill generation
  • E-way bill number you wish to reject

1) Log in to the e-way bill portal. On the left-hand side of the dashboard, click on 'Reject.'

2) Select the date the e-way bill was generated and click on the 'Submit' button. A list of e-way bills generated on the selected date will appear. On the right-hand side, tick mark next to the e-way bill you wish to reject. Once the e-way bill is successfully rejected, a notification appears on the screen.

Note: You may convey your acceptance or rejection of the consignment specified in the e-way bill as a second party. If he does not convey his acceptance or rejection within 72 hours from the generation of the e-way Bill, it is presumed that he has accepted the information.

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