As we introduce ourselves to the GST system, we believe it's better to fill in all the correct information while submission, but still, sometimes errors may occur. For the cases of errors, the E-way bill portal has an option of modification. If one wants to cancel the E-way bill, the system has a provision for that as well.

How to modify and cancel eway bill under GST

How to cancel E-way bill under GST?

If goods are not transported or not transported as per the mentioned information, then the generator can cancel the E-way bill. The E-way bill is canceled within 24 hours of generation only. Once canceled it becomes illegal for any person to use it.

Note: In case the E-way bill is verified by some empowered officer, it cannot be canceled.

The process to cancel an E-way bill:

  • Click on the E-way bill after logging onto the E-way bill portal.
  • A drop-down menu appears in front of you. Select the Cancel option from the same.
  • You need to enter the E-way bill number and click on GO.
  • The E-way bill appears in front of you. Provide them with a practical reason for the cancellation and you are done.

Sometimes, there might be a few changes or modifications that are requested by the generator. For such cases modification option is also available on the portal.

Updating the vehicle number:

The vehicle number can be updated only when the vehicle number was not mentioned while generating an e-Way bill or the goods are transferred to another vehicle due to breakdown. In no other condition can a vehicle number be updated.

Steps to update a vehicle number:

  1. Login on the E-way bill portal and select the Update vehicle number under the E-way bill tab.
  2. Then a tab appears with the option Show E-way bill by: ‘E-way bill number’ or ‘E-way bill date’. Chose your preferred option. Select the relevant E-way bill you want to edit.
  3. Enter the enlisted details in the form: Transport number, Place information,Reason for updating
  4. Once you fill in all the relevant details, you click on submit. The E-way will be updated instantly. Now you can print a copy of the updated E-way bill.

You can also update the transporter ID on the E-way portal.

Steps to update the transporter ID:

  • Select Update EWB Transporter under the E-way bill section.
  • Enter the E-way bill number and click on GO.
  • Enter the transporter ID and submit.

You can also extend the validity using the same portal by clicking on extend validity under the E-way bill portal and entering the required details.

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