Creating a new chartered accountancy website is a latest trend among all aspiring & existing chartered accountants as it helps them in building their presence online as well as broadens their reach to contact as many clients across the nation. According to “Institute of Chartered accountants of India”, there are certain guidelines which every chartered accountant must follow at the time of creating their own chartered accountancy website in India.

ICAI Guidelines for CA or CA Firm Website

ICAI Guidelines for CA or CA Firm Website

Chartered accountant should keep in mind the following guidelines before making a CA website –

  • Chartered accountants should follow actual format while designing their websites. Kindly avoid the impulsive format.
  • As per ICAI guidelines, full authority has been given to chartered accountants to choose any of the colors for their CA websites as there is no restriction in selecting colors.
  • Chartered accountant website should be based on “Pull model” rather than “Push model”. An individual can obtain any information in relation to CA & CA firms. The information available on these websites must be based on “Pull request”.
  • Chartered accountants must make sure that the information available on their websites should not be circulated in any way such as e-mail or network mode or by themselves. (excluding the response to a pull request)
  • Kindly make sure that chartered accountant should not run any type of advertisement on his or her website. However, Chartered accountants are authorized to mention e-mail addresses on their professional stationery.
  • While creating a website, some of the important elements that may be added to the website are as follows –
    1. Login
    2. Trade/firm/Member name
    3. Establishment year
    4. Office address (Both head office & branches)
    5. Telephone number
    6. Fax number
    7. E-mail ID
    8. Partners
    9. Number of services rendered
    10. Blogs
    11. News
    12. Jobs
  • Those persons who are still practicing chartered accountancy or currently in the training phase are not allowed to use logo on their websites.
  • The authorized members of the website are permitted to post articles and essential information related to chartered accountants.
  • News tab option should also be available on chartered accountancy website.
  • Chat room option availability on CA website is very necessary as it helps clients to directly chat with a CA professional. With the help of Chat room option, new visitors or clients can easily communicate with CA professionals via chat or e-mail option. An individual can take any advice from authorized members online such as charge of accessing the website or free of cost etc.
  • There is a restriction on search engines listing. The search bar mentioned on the website should be restricted only to the words like “Chartered accountants” or “CA” or “Indian CA”, “Indian chartered accountant” or “Indian CPA”. These ICAI guidelines should be followed by every professional CA website unless necessary action can be taken in case any guideline is being violated in accordance with Chartered accountants act, 1949 and framed regulations.
  • The content written on newly created CA website should be presented in such a way that it does not include any type of promotional activities such as schemes, offers & advertising of any professional achievement etc. In case any chartered accountant violates this ICAI guideline, a strict disciplinary action can be taken against him.
  • Chartered accountants are not permitted to run advertisements on their websites as per ICAI guidelines.
  • The content written on a newly created CA website should be relevant to CA professionals. It should not contain any information which is irrelevant to CA professionals.
  • As per ICAI guidelines, the official link of ICAI website should be provided on CA website. An official link of government departments or regulatory bodies or other professional bodies such as institute of England & wales (ICAEW), American institute of certified public accountants can also be provided on CA website.
  • According to ICAI guidelines, the “Updation date” should also be mentioned by Chartered accountants on their websites.
  • The information about website address (URL) of the newly created CA website must be provided to ICAI within 30 days of its creation.

Most of the Chartered accountants are not having the adequate information on “How to make a CA website”and “what rules and regulations they have to follow at the time of making a new CA website”. However, before making a CA website, it is very essential to read and understand all these guidelines of ICAI in order to make a legally strong CA website.

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