How to Check Company Name Availability in India?

In the current scenario, many companies in India are confused regarding their name or the brand name. It has happened sometimes, when a company wants to register a name, then that name is already registered under the name of another company. In this blog we are discussing this issue and will tell you how to resolve this issue related to checking the company name availability online and search for the company name in India.

How to Check Company Name Availability in India?

What do you mean by Company Name or Business Name?

Business or company is a type of identity of any kind or type of the business. Business name or company name is the similar thing but the company name can be different from the brand name. For example, if we talk about Flipkart, then it is a highly popular and a reputed brand name in the ecommerce industry. But the business name or company name of the “Flipkart” is “Flipkart Internet Private Limited”.

Therefore, brand name and company name can be different. There is no problem related to that, you can run various brands in a company.

How to choose a Company Name in India?

The name of the company must always be unique. It should not be similar to the name of any other company. The reason is that a company name is already trademarked and it is register by a private limited company with their chosen name.

Every business owner need to check that their chosen company name or domain name is already booked or not. You can make a claim regarding the domain name after getting the trademark but in the beginning, you have to select a name for your brand.

How to Check Company Name Availability for Private Limited Company on MCA Portal?

The Private limited company is one of the highly popular formation of a business in India. While selecting the name of a company, you require to follow these steps.

Step 1 - Visit MCA website to check company name

Step 2 - Enter Company Name in “Company / LLP Name" field to check company name availability. You can check multiple name options by clicking "Add more names"

Check Company Name on MCA

Step 3 – Enter Activity Type and Enter Search.

Step 4 – You are done and see results like below -

Company Name Search on MCA

How to Check LLP Name Availability on MCA Portal?

You have to follow the same steps to check LLP Name availability on MCA portal like you did to Private Limited Company.

Guidelines for Picking up Name for a New Company

The name of the company should be created in three parts.

First part is Keyword: This will be the name of your brand.

Second part is Business Activity: It displays the startup main business.

Third part is Structure: It displays kind of company, whether it is OPC/LLP/Pvt. Ltd.

The name approval is depending upon the business activity word and the keyword. The keyword must not be same to any existing Trademark or Company in the similar industry.

Check Registered Trademark for your proposed Company Name

If the name of the company is available, then you need to check the trademark registration data of the Indian government. It assists us by proving the information that the name of the brand is registered already or not.

Check Trademark on Trademark Public Search

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