Certificate Attestation

Certificate Attestation Services are offered by various companies in India but it is difficult to choose a company offering timely and quality Certificate Attestation services.

If you want to go abroad for job, education or for any other personal reason, you need to authenticate your certificates from the embassy of the country where you are visiting or their consulate in India.

Certificate Attestation

There are many Indians who are working in different foreign countries like UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar etc. It is mandatory for all of them to attest their documents in corresponding foreign embassy or consulate located in Delhi or Mumbai. Same procedure has also been followed in case of other countries like Africa, Australia, America, and Europe.

Categories of Documents

Different certifications are provided to the customers after the submission of required documents. Documents are divided into 3 categories for which the attestation services are provided –

Educational Certificates

Educational Certificates includes -

  1. School & College Certificate- School & college certificate includes SSLC/10th/CBSE, PDC/+2/HSC
  2. Degree Certificates – Degree certificates include B.A, B COM, BBA, BE, BSC, B.TECH, CA, MBBS etc.
  3. Post Graduate Certificates – Post graduation certificates include MA, M COM, MBA, MCA, MSC etc.
  4. Other Diploma , Nursing & ITI Certificates

Non-Education Certificates

Non-education certificates include marriage & birth certificate, affidavit, medical certificate, death certificate, divorce certificate, salary certificate, migration certificate, power of attorney, certificate of incorporation, certificate of registration, experience certificate, transfer & leaving certificates, and other provisional certificate.

Supporting Documents

Supporting documents are the documents which are submitted along with above mentioned documents. It varies from country to country. Some of them are transcripts, registration, mark lists, selection letter, photo, passport copy etc.

There is a difference between the attestation procedures of Embassies. You need to enquire about this by contacting that particular embassy. In addition to the original document, you need to submit supporting documents too. Some of them are as follows –

  1. Photocopy of the documents need to be attested.
  2. Passport photocopy.

Note – You can only legalize the original documents not the photocopies.

Benefits of Certificate Attestation

You must enquire about the benefits of certificate attestation before company is going to offer you attestation services. Some of the important benefits are as follows -

  1. Genuine attestation
  2. Free consultation
  3. On time delivery
  4. Safe & secured process
  5. Managed by high skilled professionals
  6. More experience

General Purpose of Certificate Attestation

There are many purposes of attestation and it varies from certificate to certificate –

  • Education Certificates
    • To pursue higher education in a foreign country
    • To obtain labour card or employment visa for most of the designation.
    • To write ministry of health & department of health examinations by nurses, pharmacists, laboratory technicians, doctors etc.
    • To get equivalent certificates.
  • Non-Education/Vital Certificates
    • For child school admission (via transfer certificate)
    • To obtain residence visa for children, wife, in laws.
  • Power of Attorney /Memorandum or Articles of Association
    • To open bank account
    • Company registration
    • To obtain rights to sell properties in a home country
    • In order to remove the partner from LLP in the home country.

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